I bought an LV on ebay that stinks!

  1. I won an auction for an Amazone. It's clean and in great condition for a 2001 purse. When I received the bag it was in a Celine sleeper bag. (the seller advertised that the LV dustbag was not included, but would provide a substitue). When I opened the package I could smell a strong smell which was not bad, but strong - sort of a mix between leather cleaner and perfume. The sleeper bag was the worst, so I threw it out and cleaned the bag with apple guarde cleaner and then it smelled 90% better. I gave the seller positive feedback - the condition was very good and it is authentic as described. I used it for a few days, then switched to another LV bag. About a week went by and I took it out of the storage box - and PHEW!! It reeks of cigarette smoke. I mean this bag stinks so bad!

    I tried...

    leaving it outside for two days

    cleaning the interior with leather wipes

    wiping the inside with Febreeze, then leaving cloths sprayed with Febreeze inside for 4 days.

    Well, it's a lot better, but still smells. I bought this bag to take for sightseeing in Europe this fall. I want to resolve this odor problem by then.

    Any suggestions other than what I've done. I paid $275 for it and it's an $800 purse. I want to keep it and fix the problem.

  2. Irene said she turned her graf bag inside out and sprayed it with fabreeze and left if outside and it worked.

    if that doesn't work for you maybe you could but one of those containers that absorbs smell and put into the bag and leave it for a few days.
  3. This is a style that can't be turned inside out, like a speedy. The zipper's only open on the top area.

    What are the containers that absorbs smell? That sounds like a good idea.

  4. Have you tried stuffing newspaper in it or using coffee grounds? Some here have tried dryer sheets.
  5. Activated Charcoal!
    You can get it at any pet store or even at walmart in the pet section. It's just teensy charcoal rocks in a plastic container.

    Take a little pile, wrap it in a tissue and tie it at the top with a twistie like a little "tissue bag" and set it in your purse for a day or 2.
    Also you can put your bag in a plastic bag along with another container of it to get the smell out of the outside, too.

    This works great! I got a bag on ebay from let-trade and it reeked of mothballs and the activated charcoal (carbon) took the smell out within a day and 1/2!

    Hope that helps! ;)
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  6. Hmmm...i never thought of that!!
  7. Would any of these ideas work on a change purchase that smells like perfume?
  8. Try putting it in a bag with baking soda and seal it up for a few days, or try coffee grounds as someone else mentioned.
  9. i'm not sure what its called but it comes in a cantainer that sour creme would come in, i bought it at the grocery store where you get dish saop and cleaning supplies.

    I used it because we had an awful smell in out basement and couldnt figure out what it was, it helped a lot.
  10. Activated charcoal or baking soda or coffee grounds.... I never would have thought of those ideas. Thanks, so much.

    I'll go to Walmart today. Now I'm on a mission. I really wanted this particular bag, so I could use the front portion of the bag as a camera case, so I'm going to try the charcoal first. I'm determined to fix this problem so I can use the bag as planned.
  11. i've heard that charcoal really helps remove smells. :smile: perhaps u could try and let us know. good luck!!
  12. Let us know if it works! :smile:

    I tried baking soda for a few days - didn't work.
    Then I tried the activated charcoal. It reduced the smell a little. I also tried coffee beans which also improved the smell a little.
    When I was at the grocery store I went to the cleaning section looking for another solution and I found Wilbert ONE DROP all purpose deodorizer. I applied a few drops to some coffee filters and have left them in the bag and this has made the biggest difference, so I'm going to leave them there longer & I added a couple of drops today.
    So as the smell is still there, it doesn't reek. Someone told me about a product from the nosmoke website to eliminate cigarette smoke odors and looked it up but they're out of stock.

    I bought the purse specifically for an upcoming trip to Europe in September. It was recommended that you have a long shoulder strap but small purse to thwart pick pockets. That's why I chose this. So I have until September before I plan on using it anyway.

    I really appreciate all of the suggestions you've given to me. Although none was a miracle cure, it has made a difference and I'm going to continue these remedies and repeat them throughout the summer. I'm also leaving both compartments unzipped and the bag out in the open and not in a closet to let the air in.

    If anyone has any other ideas I'd love to hear them. I'll keep trying.

    There's a new thead regarding buying retail vs. ebay and this is a good example of why retail is better if you can afford to go that way.
    I don't really regret buying this item on ebay since it's not meant to be a bag that I'll use often & retail of $835 is so high for such a small purse. This bag is more expensive that the large Batignolles!! Isn't that weird?
  14. If you can, leave the bag open outside in the sunlight on a hot day! I know it sounds weird but I find that hot dry air gets rid of the strong smells.
  15. LV addict - thanks! Actually I think that makes sense. The heat will possibly enhance the odor and thereby flush it out? I'll try that next.