I bought a whistle bag today-$410

  1. I went to NM tonight and they had a couple of Balenciaga whistle bags for their pre-sale. I needed a new bag like a hole in the head- BUT it is super cute!! Black whistle bag(no pictures until I pick it up next Tuesday) ONLY $410 !!!!!!:yahoo:
    Thats crazy cheap= I had to get it- right????
  2. That's a great deal~! Congrats on your new addition.. and post pics when she arrives~! :tup:
  3. WOW...what a DEAL!!! Please post PICs...can't wait to see your new treasure!:yahoo: That deal was one that you would have probably regretted passing up...so (enabler that I am) GOOD JOB for not passing it up!
  4. GREAT buy esp. since it was such a good deal. enjoy your bag and please post pics!!
  5. That is an amazing price! Congratulations. I wish we had Neiman Marcus in Canada, boo hiss.
  6. I always wondered about this bag - please post pictures
    Thank you
  7. Yay! I love how cute the little whistle is!
  8. congrats!!
  9. Pre - sale?? I thought their sales just ended.

    Congrats on a great price.
  10. I don't know- All I know is the SA told me to come back Tuesday and I could buy it then for the low low price? She is holding it for me in the back :shrugs:

    Thanks everyone!! I will post pics as soon as I get pick it up!!:heart: I was hoping the responses I would get here would help me with some of my purchase guilt;) so- THANKS!!
  11. Congrats!

    Quick question--is it the whistle bag with or without ostrich trim?
  12. It must be without at that sale-price?

    C O N G R A T S :yahoo: I have the large Whistle, and I'm loving it!!! I can't wait to see yours!!
  13. oh no. it is just the small little regular whistle. i did see that ostrich trim at Saks for i think- $850. I posted it in the Shopping area.
  14. Fantastic bargain!!!
  15. THat's a great bargain! Congrats~ Don't forget to post pics when u receive her!