I bought a used Disco bag from Neiman Marcus :(

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  1. I was so excited to open my new black Disco. Right away, I could tell it had been handled because it was just shoved in the dust bag with no protective plastic, paper, or other wrappings that indicate a bag has never been used. The dust bag smells like perfume and the bag itself not only shows corner wear (!!!) but also had glitter inside!!

    I am so mad but am contacting customer service and will be sending back Monday. The good news is that I know I love the bag but now will have to wait, return, and reorder :sad:

    Any experience with this? What a disappointment! It looks like I bought it used from eBay, not new from NM ImageUploadedByPurseForum1459612509.053035.jpg ImageUploadedByPurseForum1459612520.450520.jpg ImageUploadedByPurseForum1459612530.402729.jpg
  2. Well that is very sad. :sad: I hope that they will find you a new, pristine bag….and fast.
  3. That is crazy!!! That wasn't just used, it was USED!!!! I'm sorry to hear that happened, I know the feeling of exhilaration opening a new luxury goods package.
  4. Thanks you guys. I'm glad it's not just me who thinks this is ridiculous.

    I chatted with customer service. They are happy take it back but the back is out of stock until October :sad: I expressed my disappointment in NM not confirming the bag was in pristine condition before reselling and I got "we sincerely apologize for this inconvenience". Right. The plus side is that the rep already refunded my NM card and I'll send back Monday (she said if it's not received in 30 days they will charge my card again...no worries there...)

    I know in the grand scheme of life, this is not a big deal. But what a let down from a luxury retailer.
  5. I once bought a Gucci swing from Neiman and got it without it's original dus bag. Needless to say I also returned it promptly, I agree with you it's a luxury store so you expect top notch quality and service.
  6. ITA with you, 100%

    Similar thing happened to me with a different brand and different dept. store. For this kind of money I think the least we can expect is a new bag

    Glad it's all getting sorted it out for you but it's been a complete waste of your time.
  7. Definitely!

    Ugh, sorry it happened to you too! Yep, it's been a waste of time. Bummed that I won't have another change to get one until October but maybe there will be a colorful one on sale before then ;)
  8. That is not good customer service at all. Very disappointing from NN. Sorry this happened and I hope you get a pristine new bag soon! Then we will be bag twins! :smile:

  9. Thanks Addy! :heart:
  10. This is disgusting, I can't believe Neiman marcus, shame on them!
  11. I don't know what is worse - the strong perfume smell or the corner wear or the glitter! haha! So happy I have people who understand why this is so disappointing :smile:
  12. I've wanted a soho disco for awhile and was going to order one from NM and now I am nervous...I definitely don't want to get a used one, yuck!
  13. Have you tried Gucci.com? They might have them in stock now. If not, you could try calling a Gucci boutique. Tell them your story and I am sure they'd sympathize with you and ship it right out if they have it in stock.
  14. Oh boy, I never would have thought Neiman would be vulnerable to this happening. I'm shocked. Our Neiman's totally prides themselves on service or at least I THOUGHT they did. Someone really dropped a major ball here. Sorry this happened to you. I must say, you are taking it quite well. Not so sure I would've been so calm. Hope you love your Disco when you get it!!! :smile:
  15. The reps usually don't check the items when they are returned. I've returned items that I didn't like. They would open the box and take a peek then process. I'm not sure what happens after that. I've ordered multiple times from NM and never had any issues week the items.

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