I bought a tokidoki... and the seller lied me about shipping!!!

  1. I'm so angry, I live in Mexico, and I really need a good shipping... but this seller sent it: International Letters and Cards... and I paid for Global Priority Mail!!!!!

    what should I do? I don't have idea, can I complain to eBay or paypal?

    And she has positive feedback: 99.9%

  2. Did you ask for Global Priority? Or did the seller make it known that's what it was being shipped by? If so, then maybe, if something happens to it, you can get a refund from the seller.
  3. ¿hola, cómo ella la indicó lo enviaría en la subasta? ¿Ella dijo específicamente prioridad global?
  4. or in english.... how did she say she was going to ship? Did she say Global Priority specifically?
  5. She said Global Priority and I have the invoice and my receipt!


    Hola! Estoy asustada porque en México luego los de la aduana se roban las cosas...

    I'm afraid cause in Mexico sometimes the things "are lost"
  6. I totally understand. I would complain to seller first to see what she says. You may have have a claim if it doesn't arrive because of that.
  7. Yes, i read about that, the seller have to refund me, if my item doesn't arrive. :sad:
  8. ¿Dónde debo reclamar? eBay o Paypal?
  9. ugh. def contact the seller. asap!
  10. contact seller and see what happens
  11. Paypal
  12. Hi sorry about your situation. Last time I had to mail a package to Mexico Global priority wasn't available to where I was shipping. I dont know if that's everywhere or just certain places. So I had to take what was available. Maybe she can refund you the difference if it's a big difference in price. Sometimes GPM isn't the best option, but it's usually cheapest/fastest for packages. On another note I was mailing a package to France and it was small enough I could place it in padded envelope and the PO lady grabbed it stamped it and charged me $4 without asking me what I wanted. Maybe that's what happened to you.