I Bought A Taupe Stam From Barneys...

  1. Fall 2005 owners, I need your help.

    I bought a Taupe Stam from Barneys yesterday and I'm questioning its authenticity. The first thing that caught my attention was the sleeper bag. It is not as soft as my other MJ sleeper bags. The sleeper bag set off the alarm and when I started looking at the bag a little more closely the doubts crept in. I would GREATLY appreciate the help of anyone here who has a Fall 2005 Stam.

    Do the Fall 2005 Stams have a stabilizer built into the bag (between the lining and the leather)? My bag has a somewhat flimsy stabilizer at the bottom of the bag. I sold my 2006 black Stam so I can't compare with that one, but I don't remember such a thing in that bag. It could just be that I wasn't looking/feeling for it.

    Here are some photos of the Stam from Barneys. The flash on my camera overpowers the bag a bit, so the color appears much lighter than it is IRL.

    I hope this bag is real because I would hate to see Barneys selling fake merchandise. And apparently they had more than one taupe Stam available for sale.

    taupe stam 001.jpg

    taupe stam 002.jpg

    taupe stam 003.jpg

    taupe stam 006.jpg

    taupe stam 008.jpg

    taupe stam 009.jpg

    taupe stam 016.jpg

    taupe stam 007.jpg

    taupe stam 011.jpg

    taupe stam 015.jpg
  2. The bag looks good to me, though I'm more familiar with the 2006 Stams than the 2005 versions. As for the dust bag, I recently bought a MJ bag from Nordstrom and noticed the dust bag was not as thick and soft as the dust bags I've received from the MJ store. It seemed like a thin, cheap version. I hope this helps!
  3. my stam came with a cheapish dust bag too! like it was really ironed on

    the bag looks good to me also
    is marc goin cheap on us? :[
  4. No worries, totally real. I had that bag briefly and everything is right on. Not sure what to tell you about the dustbag, but your bag is definitely authentic. Oh, I guess my black bag does have the thing in the bottom, which I never realized until I just checked.

    I'm wondering why so many Taupes are available all of a sudden?

    Here's a pic of my old bag... not sure if this will help you at all.
    taupe 3.jpg
  5. Perhaps they accidentally gave you the dustbag from a lower priced MJ bag--the Marc line? The SA may not have known the difference--or cared.

    Just a thought. The bag looks amazing! I love it!
  6. I love:love: this color ... I've been wanting a stam in taupe for a while. How much was this bag at Barney's and how many did they have left?

    Congrats on your stam ... it's absolutely stunning!
  7. Was yours the Cola? :love: Beautimous!
  8. Tin, nope, mine was Taupe. =)
  9. Beautiful bag, angstofgumby :love: ! Congratulations!!
  10. valerieB, monotreme, Daisy and snowwhite thank you all very much for your opinions. I thought that everything checked out on the bag, but the cheap dustbag through me off and I started to wonder. I appreciate your input.

    asl_bebes, according to my SA, I got the last taupe bag. I'm not sure where the taupe Stams that Barneys got came from, but I know they got at least two taupes in the last week. They did have a taupe baby Stam available for sale when I was in the store yesterday.

    ETA: thanks abaglover.
  11. Angstofgumby: Congrats. =)
  12. Gorgeous bag! Congratulations!
  13. cool bag....how much was it?
  14. what a beautiful colour!!! congrats!!!
  15. If you don't mind what was the price of the bag? also, is the bag heavy? even when its empty.