I bought a Speedy for my Girlfriend & she is Dissapointed!

  1. shes dissapointed that the inside doesnt have any sort of "Tag" that says louisvuitton? its completely plain nothing inside no mark no nothing

    i bought it from the louisvuitton store

    should i be concerned? isnt there supposed to be some kind of tag or marking inside?
  2. maybe you should post pics for us to see.


    If you look around on here there are plently of pictures to compare it to.

    if you honestly bought it at teh LV store (a legit botique) then she shouldn't be worrying.
  3. she should be pleased to know that its located outside for all to see (isn't that what she's after anyway?). the markings you want are on one of the leather "ears" (pull tabs) near the zip. can't she just be thankful and learn how to appreciate such a generous gift?
  4. Concerned about what? Authenticity? Defect?
    If you bought it at LV, then it' authentic.
    Why don't you both go back to the boutique, together, and speak with your salesperson or the manager, to learn more about how the Speedy is made? It would be a nice education experience you would enjoy. The more you know, the more confident you'll both be when giving or getting LV. She is a lucky girl to get such a great present!
  5. why would she be disappointed if there's no tag inside? (but hey, there should be a heatstamp inside...) the monogram canvas is screaming louis vuitton, why need a tag?

    and yep, if you go it from the LV boutique, then it's authentic. your girlfriend is so lucky to have you as a boyfriend :smile:
  6. What kind of tag was she expecting? One of those ones that hang on a lovely white string with a white plastic circle?? If that's what she wanted, then those are fakes.

    Since you bought a Speedy, there should be a little tab thing on one of the sides that says it's a Louis Vuitton bag and where it's made.

    I'm sorry that your girlfriend was disappointed. I would be ecstatic if my husband bought me anything Louis Vuitton!
  7. i would be delighted if my bf bought me an authentic speedy from an LV boutique and the last thing i'd be worrying about is a "missing" tag on the INSIDE. :rolleyes:

    it was a great choice for a gift to your gf!
  8. What line did you buy her? If you bought her monogram, aren't all the "LV" logos enough? :shrugs:
  9. First of all, if you purchased from the boutique than I know it was packaged well, with box, tissue, ribbon etc. Secondly, I'm not carrying my mono 30 today, but yes, it is rather "plain" on the inside. the date code is heatstamped in there, but I'm pretty sure there isn't a "Louis Vuitton - Made in France" label like a lot of the other bags have. (can't believe I can't remember LOL) The outside leaf should be heatstamped with that information. This is how the bag is. I'm sorry she is disappointed in her gift, as other's mentioned I'd be delighted if someone thought to gift me with an LV bag!
  10. Maybe its her first Louis Vuitton and she didnt know what it was supposed to be like inside and was concerned that it was not authentic or there was something wrong with it. I think that is more his question, but i agree with others if you really bought it at a Louis Vuitton store then you should have nothing to worry about.
  11. Sorry to hear this. She should be delighted. And you are a generous friend!
  12. Agreed!
  13. She should remember that she's wearing the bag, NOT the tags! ;)
  14. Meh, take the bag back if she wants to be so ungrateful.
  15. ITA.:yes: