I bought a smelly purse! How do I remove the cigarette smell?

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  1. I don't want to return it because I got it for a great deal, but I do want to take the cigarette smell out. Can anyone recommend ways to take the smell out of a monogram purse? Right now I've put some drier sheets in it, but I'm not sure that that's going to work.
  2. Ah thank you! I tried to search for smelly and I didn't see anything relevant. I guess I should have tried other words.
  3. what i did with my purse was i left an open box of baking soda. i zipped up the purse and let the bag sit for like 2 days. after i got the cig. smell out i pulled out the interior and sprayed it with febreeze. i let it dry & the smell was completely gone :smile: hope this helps! good luck!
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  4. Thanks! I followed the advice that some of the threads recommended.

    My purse also stunk to high heaven with cigarette smoke. Reeked pretty bad and also smelled when I opened the box. This wasn't mentioned in the listing...do you all think that I have a reason to complain to the seller? She didn't mention the smell in the listing, however, I did get it for a really good price. I want to leave positive feedback, but I'm not 100% satisfied because of the smell.

    Here's what I've done so far:
    *I left drier sheets at first and it got a little better, but it may have just been that the drier sheet scents were so strong that it masked the smoke smell. The outside still smelled.
    *I then febreezed directly on the inside of the purse. I basically drenched the inside really well and then wiped it down with a paper towel. I left the paper towel and the drier sheets in there for a few hours. i didn't do the outside because I was scared it would stain or ruin the fabric, but I might do it later...it didn't make much of a difference in the fabric on the inside (I have a papillon). It still smelled, but it was a little better.
    *Next I bought the kitty litter that was suggested. I looked for activated charcoal, but didn't see it anywhere at walmart, so kitty litter it was. I put 4 piles of the litter in paper towels inside the purse and the inside cigarette smell is almost gone. This was only after half a day. I put the purse on the kitty litter as was suggested in a trash bag as suggested, but it STILL reeks. :sad: Hopefully it'll get better over time and I'll let you know how it goes after a few days of leaving it alone. My boyfriend thinks it smells better, but I didn't seem to think so. He says I have a sensitive nose.

    I think I'm going to leave it alone with the kitty litter for a few days and then febreeze again. If it still reeks, I'm going to leave it in my car in the heat (if it ever stops raining here). I don't really want to do this because I'm scared it'd bake the leather, but if worse comes to worse, I'll try it.

    I tried to look for that deodorizing cleaner mentioned in another thread (was it Wilson's or Wilbert's? I can't remember), but they had nothing like this at the store either.

    Thanks for the advice and if anyone else has any advice, please let me know.
  5. Hi Teena:

    I've never had the pleasure of a smelly bag, BUT, I have dealt with a 13 year old's running shoes that I thought were beyond help. Given that they were $155.00 (she bought them with saved $$, just so you don't think I'm a freak!!), I thought I'd try something my sister SWORE would work. I wrapped up as much charcoal (NOT briquets which have been treated, but the real, raw charcoal that BBQ afficiandos use) in paper towel and stuffed the shoes with it and parked them in the cold cellar in the basement. Guess what? I'd say the smell was at least 80-85% gone after 2 days. Not only were they wearable again, but by making my stinky kid put Gold's Foot Powder in them every time she wore them again, the REALLY bad stink never came back. I can't imagine that this wouldn't have SOME positive effect on cigarette smoke smell....given it's not as...ummm..pungent....as cheesy running shoe smell. Obviously, you'd want to be extremely careful about not letting the charcoal itself touch the inside of the bag, but, WTH, if it takes the smell down a degree or two, it might be worth it. I can CERTAINLY attest to its efficacy in the case of shoes!!

    Good luck with it. I'll bet anything if you keep working at it, you'll get it to a tolerable level. One more thought: call a car daetailing shop and ask what they do to get the smeall out of car upholstery...they may share a tip/secret or two.

    GOOD LUCK!! :yes:
  6. I had a bag like this that reeked of mothballs and I tried everything!!!! Sad to say...the smell never came out. Good luck! I definitely would let the seller know you're not happy.
  7. Thanks everyone!

    As an update - I've left the bag in the sealed trashbag with kitty litter for about 2 days now. Some reduction in smell, but still bad. :sad: I have a feeling it's never going to come out.

    The accessory pouch that came with it however has had some success. I've left it against a vent with constantly flowing a/c blowing against it. The smell is still there, but is a lot better.

    I'm going to leave the purse in the kitty litter until tomorrow. I researched on several websites different ways to remove the smoke smell from leather and I am planning to try a few of these. Just in case you're interested, this is what was suggested:

    - Washing the bag with vinegar/water solution (half and half)
    - Using a leather conditioner
    - Leaving it in the cold (just like what was mentioned above) :smile:
    - Alcohol/water solution (I'm scared this might ruin the fabric though)
    - saddle soap (not sure what this is)
    - An odor neutralizer called Atmosclear found at Ace Hardware (also apparently used at car dealerships)
    - using a professional leather cleaner
  8. What kind of LV bag was it again that you bought ?
  9. The pap 30 with the accessory pouch.
  10. I think I'm going to ask the seller for a partial refund to cover the cost of what it's taking me to de-odorize the purse. What do you think is fair? I don't want to return it, but I really wish she would have mentioned the cigarette smell.
  11. First off, I'm sooo sorry....:tdown: There is absolutely NOTHING worse than a stinky bag...ugh - like an ashtray!!!!
    What I've done is I have "Fabreze Deep Clean"...I go outside, spray the bag really well inside and out and then hang it on a hanger outside overnight OPEN (just hang like one side on the hanger and the other side will be dangling down)...
    In the morning, most of it should be gone. Don't be afraid of the Fabreze - it doesn't stain...and doesn't ruin fabrics. You might need to repeat.
    Lastly, when I've stored the bag inside after it's de-stunked, I put a little satchet on the inside of the bag to absorb any residual odors.
    I haven't had any issues after that. The smell is usually 100% gone...
  12. Thanks! I'm glad to hear that febreeze doesn't really stain the fabric. I've been spraying so much febreeze that I was wondering whether eventually it would ruin the purse. It's good to hear that it'll be ok.

    I will definitely try that - hanging it outside. Thanks so much for that tip.