I bought a SECOND Bal bag within 24 hours!!!

  1. Ooh.. Dusty Rose Box style. Pretty!! Congratulations on your 2nd Bbag in one day! Be sure to post pics when you receive it!
  2. it's definitely authentic so congratulations!

    i would see if you can get some apple conditioner for it to remove some of the dirt.
  3. aww emmakins it's so pretty! love the delicate color! you can order apple guard through leatherstuff.com...
  4. congrats!!! it's such a nice colour :P
  5. Congrats!!!
  6. emma, congrats! that's a great deal! i think, she just needs a little TLC. enjoy!
  7. Try to clean it with Wilson's Leather Wipes. Congrats on your new B bag!
  8. Pretty! I'm not really a pink person but I love that color and style. What was the first bag you bought?
  9. Very pretty--congrats!
  10. yay, congrats on your pretty Rose bag (and for catching the bbag bug!).

    I agree with the other gals, a little Apple Guard and TLC will help her out
  11. Congrats!!!
  12. wow!!! that pink is really beautiful... congrats!!! hehehe, u've got the b-bag fever!!!
  13. Yay! Congrats! Pale pink is such a pretty color!:heart: Hmmm..the only thing I can think of using to clean it with is AG Conditioner, but I did read on the LV forum that some ladies are having excellent luck with Baby Wipes(you know, those Huggies ones...). I don't know if it will work well on Bbags, though. Perhaps you can take it to a leather specialist there and see what they can recommend?
  14. Hi emmakins,
    Are you able to find Coach leather products there? Coach leather cleaner has done wonders for other PF'rs bags.