I bought a Rouge Makeup bag today!

  1. I was at Amarees in Newport Beach and I really wanted wallet but they had a few Makeup bags, so I bought the Rouge one! Its so thick and soft and squishy! Now I know why you girls love the rouge! They had it in choclate brown too. They also had a Cornflower Weekender, a Green Courrier (HUGE! You can tote a baby around in that thing!), and 3 small whistle bags and 3 large ones (brown and black) I didnt like the Whistle bags in person, too boxy. They also had some pony hair bags, didnt like those at all. They are gonna call me when they get their next shipment hopefully next 2 weeks...LOVE the rouge, I need a bag to match now!:yahoo: :heart: ...yes, this was an impulse buy....:nuts:
  2. Congrats! It's the clutch right? I need to see a picture! I love the rouge!
  3. Yes its the clutch! I have to say too Amarees is a high end boutique and they had all their B bags just stacked on top of each other under a rack of clothes! It was my first time there and I was kinda disappointed in that, anyone else buy their B bags from there?
  4. I am from Newport Beach. Where exactly is Amaree's? I would love to check it out next time I am visiting my parents. Oh and congrats on the clutch - it is a great little bag in an awesom color. You must post pic's.
  5. Congratulations, I think the Rouge is perfect in the clutch size...a great splash of color! Wear her well!
  6. oh please post some pics....I would love to see it.....congrats. enjoy it.
  7. Wow! I would love a rouge vif make-up clutch. I've been calling BalNY for one. Hope they'll have a shipment soon. Please post pics:smile:
  8. ooo please post pictures!
  9. Pleeassseeeee post pictures for me to drool over!!!!!!
  10. Is Amaree's in that little shopping plaza across from Fashion Island??
  11. OOhhh I need to some pics!! Congrats!
  12. Pictures Please!!!
  13. congrats!!! can't wait to see the pics :yahoo: