I bought a planner at the outlet, and it didn't come with a pen, is that normal?

  1. I bought a planner at the outlet yesterday, I'm pretty sure that its an outlet only color- green signature with brown leather trim. Well I went to write down the papers that I have due on the calendar, and I noticed that there was no pen. Was it supposed to have come with a pen, and if so, can I just go to the boutique and ask for one, or do I have to pay for it (it doesn't matter if I have to pay)?
  2. It should have a pen-- if there is a holder for one. Is there a loop for it on the inside of the planner?
  3. i've gotten multiple agendas at the outlet and they've never had a pen. most people swipe them, i'm sure.

    call cs, they should be able to send you one. not a big deal =)
  4. I'm pretty sure that's happened, because I had first picked up the one without a price tag, so I had to find one with the price, but the one I first picked up had a pen in it! I didn't even think to doublecheck while in there, probably because it was so crazy!

    Yup, it has a loop! I'll just go to the boutique today, its only a 1/2 hour away from me by bus. Thanks for the info!!
  5. Yeah I never got my pen, but I called the store and picked it up the next time I was by there. There should be no problem:smile:
  6. yeah, people pretty much swipe anything to make a buck. last time i was at the outlet, they busted a guy for stealing dustbags- so he could sell them to counterfeiters. blah.
  7. :nogood:That's ridiculous!! I just got home, I did a little shopping while at the mall, lol. I actually have to call customer service, tell them the color of my planner, and they'll send me a new pen, which is great!

    Coach really does have the best customer service, I went to the Dooney and Bourke outlet the other day, and my mom asked them a question about a bag that she bought there, and instead of answering it and being helpful, the SA just handed her a customer service card and went back to talking with the other SAs!
  8. That woman should be fired!!!!
  9. i was looking at the planners in the outlet today and they had pens in them so i would definitely call about getting one!
  10. mine came with one...hopefully they can get u one...
  11. You aren't the only one. Mine didn't come with a pen either. I just thought that maybe the outlet ones were all without pens. I guess I'll call and try to get a pen.