I bought a Pink & Orange Legacy wallet, was there a bag that matched at one time?

  1. Its a wallet I have been wanting for a while, pink leather legacy with orange trim. Finally got one, but was wondering if there were ever bags to match at one time? I havent seen any on eBay, but if you have one can you post pix so I can see please?

    pretty please?

    with sugar on top?

  2. To my knowledge there was never a bag made specifically matching this wallet, though the rose legacy pieces might match them.
  3. Oh Donna, can you post a pic? I remember that the Zoe clutch has this color combo last fall or winter.
  4. [​IMG]

    If this is the wallet you are referring to, I don't believe there was ever a bag to match, nor does it match the rose bag. But it goes beautifully with a white bag!
  5. there was a zoe clutch in the same color pattern (maybe reverse) but its small
  6. [​IMG]
  7. Oh wow, I have never seen this one!
  8. Beautiful wallet! I would pair it with any neutral, HauteMama's suggestion of white sounds great. If you don't own white, what about giving a black (legacy) bag a literal punch of color?

    Nice find, by the way, :tup:
  9. I agree, it would look great with white or black!!! :tup:
  10. YES! Thats the one! Well I guess I am happy there wasnt a bag to match, took me long enough to find the darn wallet after I came back to Coach recently!

    I think I will buy something in black. I have never carried a white bag, but a black legacy something would be nice! Going to the outlets in CA in September, so maybe something will come home with me!

    thanks girls!
  11. Donna that would look fab with a black Soho flap or hobo, and those are at the outlets now!
  12. here I come with my unconventional, eccentric opinion!!!!

    I love these happy colorful wallets, I do like coordinating my accessories style/line wise (coordinating soho pieces, legacy pieces etc) but will mix color for fun, it's also easier to quickly find a piece by color in my purse.

    Of course black and white will always look great. But, I would not hesitate to put that wallet in any of my leather Legacy striped bags, natural, brown or whiskey. I use a Pond french purse with all my Ali's. IT'S A GREAT ACCESSORY HAVE FUN!
  13. i'd get a white or black coach purse. that colorful wallet would totally match! i love mixing and matching! congrats!