I bought a new Prada for my birthday!!!!!!!

  1. So I did the unthinkable, I bought the most extravagant bag I've ever owned today - a new Prada - the SA in Saks looked it up and it doesn't seem to have a name - they call it "puffy" - there must be something better than that name - but it is a gorgeous bag and I am too excited to breath!!!!!!!!!!!!! P.S. I know you all know that I didn't NEED this bag or any bag at all but I did it anyway!!!!!!!!!! Sorry about the foot in the backround!!!!
    New batch 021.jpg New batch 017.jpg
  2. Beautiful! The leather looks so luscious. I really like this Gauffre line; just trying to decide which one I *need*! Congratulations and Happy Birthday!!!!!
  3. So that's what it's called!! Thanks so much for your birthday wishes!!!:jammin:
  4. ^^^Yes, if you look around this sub-forum, you'll see lots of different posts about the different Gauffre styles. The line is really popular. You picked a good one. Enjoy.
  5. Pretty! Happy Birthday to you!
  6. Very nice..I have the black tote one and in love with it!
  7. It's beautiful! Happy birthday!!!
  8. Does anyone know how to pronounce "Gauffre" ?? Is it a hard or soft G? Thx. Here's another photo.
    New batch 023.jpg
  9. Pretty tote. Congratulations.
  10. Congrats, and happy birthday!
  11. It's like the word 'go'.

    Love the bag -- very nice. Happy Birthday!!
  12. congrats and happy bday!
  13. It is gorgeous of course! And Happy Birthday SuzyZ
  14. Great looking bag..Happy Birthday !!!
  15. What a wonderful birthday present! Wear it in good health!