I bought a new machine!

  1. It's a coverstitch machine. For the majority of the world who does not know what this wonderous thing is, it's a sewing machine which produces the lines of top stitching on garments and finishes the fabric at the same time. It also serges! It makes the seams, cuts off the excess seam allowance and finishes them, too.
    After doing some test samples to get used to the machine and see how it works, I got really eager to do a real project. I chose a simple t shirt with ribbing at the neck and sleeves. I used the 4 thread coverstitch option because 3 lines of stitching looks more expensive.
    Here are some photos:



    In my haste to start a real project I forgot to change the white looper thread to a darker color. Well, at least you get to see what the underside looks like and how nicely it finishes the project. Good thing the white thread is on the inside and won't be seen by the general public. My t shirt was constructed entirely on the new coverstitch serger and in 2 hours time.
    On to more projects! I'm going to make some matching shorts since I had somewhere near 5 yards of this thicker, good quality purple knit.
  2. Cool! Im a horrible sewer, but that was awesome!
  3. wow, how long does that take to make?
  4. How cool!!! Will we see you on Project Runway, kmc? ;)
  5. The shirt took about 2 hours from cutting to finishing and putting in the washer to get rid of all the marks and threads.
    Project Runway...haven't really thought about it. We don't get noticed much here in Phoenix, AZ. Besides, those people are much younger and more eager to jump through hoops and I am.
    Sewing is a skill which is acquired over time and requires patience and practice. Even an old pro like me knows she cannot rush a project or it will look horrible.
    Thanks for all your kind comments,
  6. Neat! I bet sewing your own things is really neat b/c you have complete creative control!! :smile:
  7. Cool! I've had some pretty bad experiences with sewing machines..heh heh. Have fun!
  8. cool machine!
  9. Cool!! How much did it cost? I always wanted to get a serger/coverstitch machine.

    Great job!
  10. This bit of "Katie happiness" cost me $599 plus tax. It was on sale. My dealership usually charges $799 for the machine.
    It's a Singer QuantumLock 14T967DC. If you sew a lot or make your living sewing like I do, it's a great investment.
  11. Forget the baby serger I've been wanting, I want your machine now!


    Thx for posting.
  12. Marvellous! I have a mom who's a avid needlewoman and she always wanted a machine that did coverstitch! Hers (an elna) is a lot more basic.
  13. Neat! Add me to the group who can't use a sewing machine, but I'm hoping to get one soon and learn how. I enjoy knitting, and hope to branch out into other crafty areas.
  14. congrats, I aways think I am going to sew, but have no patience! great work!
  15. It fits perfectly, too! Which is great for a curvy woman such as myself.