I bought a new bracelet - anyone a Konstantino fan?

  1. I went to NM on Friday for the Beauty event.:wlae:
    I returned my Chanel bag and was hoping to leave w/ a new one but didn't :sad:

    I did stop by the Konstantino jewelry case and had a VERY difficult time decding on something! I ADORE this designer!!!!:heart:

    I'll post pics later of what I bought, but does anyone else love this line?
    Here's a pic of the one I almost bought[​IMG]
    but I wanted it to be able to stack w/ my tennis bracelet and it didn't look right. The one I bought isn't on this page, but here's what NM has on their website:
    Neiman Marcus Online=

    What do y'all think of this designer?
  2. uuum, just found a photo online. . . . apparently I over paid! LOL!
  3. I love his stuff! I love the ornate Greek style jewelry in general! His work reminds me of a site I stumbled across (and bookmarked:graucho:) last winter. It's in Greek, but jewelry speaks ALL languages! Here's the link if you're interested:

    ÊïóìÞìáôá Ãåñï÷ñÞóôïò - ÅñãáóôÞñéï ó÷åäßáóçò êáé êáôáóêåõÞò áóçìÝíéùí êáé ÷ñõóþí Âõæáíôéíþí êïóìÞìáôùí óôçí ÁèÞíá

    I love the bracelet you got, too!:love: Sorry you paid too much.:shame: Enjoy it anyway!:yes:
  4. those designs are beautiful as well!
    The style is kinda a cross between Celtic and Goth. . . a little! LOL!
    Here's a seller of my bracelet, closer to what I paid but his website includes some info about it that NM doesn't bother saying:
    Shop for Konstantino Treasures Diamond Cross Bracelet at BillBarnes.com
  5. Here's some pics of my new bracelet:
    DSCF2330.jpg DSCF2331.jpg DSCF2332.jpg
  6. It looks even better on! I love it!
  7. thank you! DO you think it looks opkay w/ the tennis bracelet?

    I'm quite sure I'm addicted. . . it's ALL I've thought about! LOL! I SO want more of his pieces!
  8. It looks GREAT w/the tennis bracelet!:nuts: (I almost put that in my last post and didn't!)

    I love these earrings, too! I can see how you would get addicted to his work!:yes:
  9. :confused1: no one else?
  10. I love the bracelet!!! It looks so great on you!
  11. the bracelet is fabulous! and i think it looks great with your tennis bracelet!
  12. Thank you! LOL! I hope I didn't sound pathetic!
    I was just surprised that out of this many people there weren't more K fans!
  13. Me, too! :confused1: Gorgeous stuff!:yes::love:
  14. :sos:I think this Forum is slow in general. . . what can we do to get some life in here?:party: