I bought a Miu Miu and now I need your opinions!

  1. I bought a Miu Miu handbag/messenger bag yesterday. It's in a tan color and it looks similar to this:
    [​IMG]credit: neimanmarcus

    except it's bigger (probably twice the size and in length) and it has a strap that allows one to wear it as a messenger bag. It is very very cute and I love the fact that I can take the strap out and use it as a plain hand-held handbag. I have been looking for a messenger bag for a while now and finally come across to this.

    Anyhoo after I went home and thought it over, I have a bit of a doubt. since this bag costs CAD 1095 or 1195 (gosh I can't believe I forgot already.. and it's only yesterday!) which comes to USD 940 or so plus tax, I am wondering what other bags out there in this price range (meaning 940 or less) that might be a bit better than this one(better brand, better make)? This bag is made of deer skin and I love the color. My one concern is that it might be a bit too plain.

    Please let me know whether I have made a good purchase or not!!

    I will try to post pics tonite when I get home.
  2. i really like miu miu bags, the colour is great and the quality is good.
    i'd keep it!!
  3. I think this bag is really cute! I think it's interesting how it can change from a handbag to a messenger style! Can't wait to see pics!
  4. I agree I like Miu Miu bags!
  5. Love it I had it in my hands 2 weeks ago when I was playing in the handbag department of Saks!
  6. I really like this season's Miu Miu bags!! I think the leather is yummy and it's worth the investment!
  7. I love that color. Would love to see a picture of your bag.
  8. I like this bag a lot, though I've seen some other new Miu Mius that I loved even more than this one. I don't think you'd go wrong, keeping this one.
  9. It's adorable! I like that color.
  10. I have a gorgeous Bulga crescent shaped bag which I want to sell in the same color. I think it may be perfect for you based upon the description of what you want. PM me if you are interested.
  11. Great! I uploaded the pictures of the bag and myself wearing it. Feedbacks please!!
    06-04-05_21-42.jpg 06-04-05_21-41.jpg 06-04-05_21-43.jpg
  12. wow!!! i was a little skeptical about it since it costs quite a lot but seeing those pics of it without the strap and with the strap - it is definitely a keeper!!! its so cute!!! you can go for a more lady look with the handles and a very cute/sporty look with the straps...very versatile! i love it!! its a gorgeous bag! definitely a good buy! hehe can you tell how excited i am for you :biggrin:!
  13. hehe thanks jacquelinez!! I had doubts too because of the price. but bags these days.. the good ones are at least 2000 bucks.. I can't believe my current train of thoughts is that $1000 + is actually affordable (as compared to a few years back)!! Thanks again for your inputs. much appreciated.
  14. Very cute bag!! Love it worn messenger style. The color is so nice and the leather looks verrryyy soft! Congratulations. Thanks for sharing pics.
  15. I love the bag :smile: Soo cute.