I bought a magenta weekender at Bal NY!!

  1. hi guys! take a look what I found in the back at Bal NY on Saturday.
    as you guys know, I was looking for a weekender for a while now, looking for an older one, and after this week of loosing auctions on other totally fab bags, you know the ones!, i had to do a little retail therapy. So i walked myself over to the west side.. and sat down with my SA. She brought out a bunch of the 06 weekenders, green, camel, grey, white, rust, all real pretty, but i am just not a big fan of the 06 leather. so, seeing my sadness, she got me the swatches of the new colors, and i was going to preorder a grenat weekender. Then i asked her, "are there any 05 bags back there?" she went into the mysterious back, and came out with a Magenta Weekender!! it was so squishy and soft, it paled the others in comparison! There were a bunch of ladies, tourists in there, picking out bags, and one woman said," its so ugly, its almost pretty". So my SA winked at me, and said, "this is your bag...." its the best one in here, you know it and I know it." She was right. So i took my squishy ugly pretty bag and huffed back to the east side where i belong!!

    So a word on magenta... i have never seen one in real life, sort of a black bag girl, but this bag is pretty outragous! its pretty hard to take pics of so i did my best to capture the true color. Pictures tend to make the color seem much more neon than it really is IRL.

    the leather is so so soft, i could not resist.

    its pretty Rock and Roll. i think i love it. i wanted some color in my life, i sure got it!

    enjoy the pics, and i hope you guys are having a great great weekend.

    ps .. that tourist lady who called my bag ugly, pretty,

    she bought 6 bags,,, she put three on one credit card, three on another... oh well. her bags were sort of veiny and had spongey tassels.. still nice though,
    1.jpg 2.jpg 4.jpg 3.jpg 5.jpg 6.jpg 7.jpg
  2. What a great story. I have a magenta weekender as well, it's my absolute favorite b bag. It holds a ton and says relatively light. In fact, I sold my LV mc keepall and use my magenta b bag exclusively.
  3. That's a goreous bag! Congrats!!
  4. omigosh, i LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE your new bag toni22 :love:...obviously that tourist didn't know what she was talking about...that bag is nothing short of GORGEOUS!!!

    p.s. i can't remember, is daphne your SA too?
  5. hi aaallabama!

    thank you so so much! i am loving it too.. no, i have not met daphne, i am using Kim now, cause she is real nice, and she answers my emails right away. i can email her, and find out what shes got before walking over.:smile:
  6. thank you so much! cant wait to use it!!
  7. Ooooooo, that is haawwwtt!!! :love:
  8. i guess i will always be easy to spot in a crowd!!!

    i tend to wear a lot of black, so i think its really going to stand out!!:heart:
  9. It's a beautiful color! If I'm going to go for pink, it's usually in the fuschia, magenta, raspberry range. Not the light or petal pinks. That leather looks soft! Now, I have to go to Tandy and get some leather...oh wait, I'm saving up for a new sewing machine!
    I hope you enjoy your new weekender, make sure you keep the leather protected so it won't dry out and crack.
  10. ^^thanks!! i will protect it with some appleguard leather care!
  11. Wow you're so lucky to find an 05 bag!! Congrats!
  12. Congratulations, toni22, that SA REALLY took good care of you. I really dig it. It looks great on you.
  13. thanks percephonie, i guess i was lucky. i really did not think they had 05 bags at Bal, but i had read somewhere on this forum that someone had purchase a red 05 hobo recently. i think that you really have to ask the SAs. maybe they are told to sell certain bags first? i dont know really. i had emailed ahead to get the list of weekenders a few days ago, and the magenta was not mentioned. Then i was thinking this morning that perhaps someone returned it? who knows. i guess i had good timing!
  14. thank you so much!! you are so sweet!:heart:
  15. you had PERFECT timing, toni! Congrats! you are one lucky girl for scoring a magenta bag! i hope you'll enjoy her very much!