I bought a Magenta first!

  1. Hooray! After about a month of emailing back and forth with the lady at the Balenciaga store in NY, I finally bit the bullet and bought a magenta first bag. Should be here in a couple weeks :biggrin:
  2. Very cool! I have one and LOVE it! Congrats!!
  3. congrats!!! a very popular color on this board!
  4. Love mine, you will love yours!
  5. Congrats!! you won't regret it!
  6. Congrats from another Magenta First fan!
  7. thank you all! none of my friends understand my sheer excitement so it's nice to have some people understand! haha :flowers:
  8. Did you purchase it from Bal NY? I asked about magenta a couple of weeks ago and they said they had none. You are so lucky!
  9. Yeah, I just emailed Kim about it on Sat and she said they were getting two magenta firsts in this week, so she reserved one for me =) There's still the other one left!
  10. Congrats:yes:
    I hope one day (very close) I'll know your joy :love:
  11. congrats.
  12. WHO HOO! Just called Bal NY & spoke with Daphne. She told me they were getting 3 magenta firsts in- 1 was sold to rosetintsmyworld & I just bought one! There is only 1 left.. :shocked:

    Also, they are getting in 5 work magentas but only 3 are available now.

    Hurry girls!!

    PS. Thanks for posting that rosetintsmyworld, I've been dying for a magenta! :flowers:
  13. I bet it's gone now!!
  14. Oh yay! I'm so glad you were able to get one too! :smile:
  15. arghhhh magenta work? noooooo....... must.... resist........... Ladies, pleaaaaaaaase save me from myself!!!!!!