I bought a Lily but I don't know if I should keep it


May 11, 2013
Hello there !

I wanted a Lily for many years, so when I saw that it was on sales last week in my Mulberry corner, I bought it ! Unfortunately, when I got back home I saw a few "defects"... Here are the pictures :
First there is like a "scratch" in the leather. I don't think it's a real scratch. I think the leather is just very "embossed" there... Can you see it at the bottom left of the bag ? IMG_0602.JPG

The second flaw is more common I think : the postman's lock has already a few scratches :

Would these things bother you ? I don't know if I can return the bag since I unwrapped it. Since I bought it on sales, I am less sad about theses defects, but still, it's a lot of money.

(sorry for my English!)


Oct 19, 2011
Welcome to the mulberry forum :smile:
Congratulations on your Lily, a lovely classic piece.
Looking at your photographs, the scratch is not an embossing, as it's not an embossed leather. It's a naturally occurring line which you will usually find in most natural leathers. The scratches I can see on the male lock look to be from use, though I'm struggling to tell if there might either be plastic or glue residue left on it, so it might be worth giving it a careful clean. Realistically, if it came at a good sale price, neither of these issues would bother me, however if it's going to spoil your enjoyment of the bag you should return it if you can. Hope that helps? :smile:


Jan 30, 2010
I recently bought a lily on sale as well, last one left and two hair line scratch on the surface of the lock, as it was such a good price, it didn't bother me at all. It is really up to you, if it is going to bother you, return it. But I have to say, it is a lovely lily...