I bought a Lilac Epi Petit Noe!!!

  1. I just bought a lilac epi petit noe from let-trade for $599. Is that a good deal?? I'm pretty new to LV, and this is only my second bag (first is Manh PM). I've been looking at epi lilac for a little while, and was deciding betw something in that and a speedy 25 in azur. But sadly azur speedies seem to be sold out, and so I pounced!!

    I'm a bit apprehensive about the shape though...havent tried out a noe in the store before. Will the base be too wide? I'm 5'2.5", and 110 lb for reference.

  2. It will be beautiful on you! I recently got my ivory petit noe (first noe) and just LOVE IT! The liliac is gorgeous! Great deal-Congrats!
  3. I think it should be just fine on you. I'm about the same height and weight as you, and it doesn't look too big on me. I think you can also search the Visual Aids thread for pictures of the Petit Noe, since people usually post their height along with the pictures. Hopefully you can get a good idea of what it'll look like :flowers:

    Also, congratulations on the lilac epi! I have a medium agenda in lilac, and the color is so lovely in real life. It's quite neutral, so you can wear it with a lot! Please post pics when you get it.:yes:
  4. Congrats. I love the Noe. I hope you post pics when it arrives!
  5. Congrats! Lilac epi is lovely- I'd say the price you paid was fair considering lilac noes are fairly rare.
  6. that's wonderful !

    the petite noe is such a nice bag, and to have one in a colour that is special to you is just fab - happy spring!

    (i have petite noe in manderine and got tons of compliments when i wore it last week.)
  7. congrats!
  8. Hi Crystal,
    I really wanted to see the Petit noe in Ivory. But the store did not have it.

    Do you have a picture of this? I would love to see this. I want to get a Petit Noe one day. I went to buy a Petit Noe in Black, but was curious to see it in Ivory. But they did not have either in stock. But when they showed me the Montaigne Clutch in black, I was so excited to try it on. They didn't have it in ivory either. But i'm so happy with it in black. :yes:
  9. yay! Petit Noes rock. Especially in Epi!!!
  10. Lilac is such a gorgeous colour, one of my fave and I think the Petit Noe is so cute :smile: . I think it'll look good on you. Congrats!
  11. Thanks guys! I'm looking forward to getting it now!
  12. I would love to see the Lilac Petit noe. I've only seen the Lilac Speedy, and Lilac Jasmin!!!

    Lilac is a beautiful color. I love purple's and pinks. Congrats. Enjoy your Petit Noe. I really want a Petit Noe one day. :tender:
  13. Congrats! The petit Noe flatters everyone! I think it'll look fine!
  14. yum, the lilac is a lovely color. I have the mc petit noe and i adore using it
  15. congrats :smile: