I bought a Koala Bag!! (heavy pics!)

  1. After a week's search and compare, I finally broke down and went to the boutique! Thanks for all your recommendations/advice re: shirley and the pochette marelle, amongst others!

    So here goes!!

    1) I was taking these pics as I was unwrapping myself! ;)
  2. 2) The wrapping & all...

  3. 3) The wrinkley dustbag...

  4. 4) And finally, the purse itself!


    I tried this on the last time I went in, but held back and bought the pochette croissant instead. After the whole process of worrying over the vachetta leather to finally getting over it, I wanted to get something that I can use every day. The koala bag works out perfectly : It fits all my everyday essentials, is quite low-key, has a red interior :love: ,have my favorite push button, and last but not least, no patina to worry about! :smile:
  5. 5) What fits inside...
    ludlow, cles with keys, cell, dustbag/housing for ludlow, room to fit my camera if I want to, plus some room to spare!

  6. GORGEOUS!!!:love:
  7. Beautiful! Congrats!
  8. Wow! All that fits?!? It's so pretty!!! Congrats!
  9. Beautiful Bag!!! Congrats
  10. gorgeous...
  11. I love it! Congratulations! I'm surprised it can fit that much. Damier LV is really growing on me :heart:3
  12. I love it, how exciting! Congratulations!!!
  13. So pretty! I love it.
  14. Very nice !
  15. It's beautiful! I love that style. Congrats! :cool:
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