I bought a gaucho on Ebay!!!

  1. OK I'm a newby on designer handbags. I fell in LOVE with the dior double saddle bag (burgundy) featured in elle magazine. I watched on eBay and never could make the leap to pay the $$$$ for one, I compromised and settled for a medium saddle (not double) in tan color. It has the authenticity card, dust bag, store bag and the handbag itself fits the criteria, same sewn thread color, dior logo, interior logo and yada yada but I keep seeing that the designer bags are not going cheaper than retail if they are fakes. I bought this from a lady in the uk, she had it listed in leather bags not under dior, she had no feedback but I checked her feedback in the the uk and it was good. it was insured, she took paypal and she offered money back guarentee but I paid about 375.00 us dollars. I have no way of knowing since I live in arkansas and hmmm dior is like what?how do I know if I have the real thing or a good imitation?
  2. Hi Sassafrassy!!!

    Hmmmm...$375 is an unbelievably good deal for the Gaucho...almost too good to be true. I can't say whether a bag is real or not based on its price (sometimes some deals are too good yet true at the same time!!); can you please post some pictures from the auction so we can take a look at the bag and tell you more accurately?

    There's also a thread called "Authenticity Tips" where one of our PFers has posted detailed pics of her authentic Gaucho (and pics of her sister's fake)...you can use those pics to compare with the Gaucho you purchased.

    I hope this helps!
  3. Definitely post in the eBay link in the auth this thread so MayDay can take a look for you!
  4. Without actually seeing the auction or any photos, it's impossible to determine whether the bag is real or fake.

    That said, $375 seems way too good to be true.