I bought a fendi, help please.

  1. Hi all!
    I bought a Fendi tote at the mall. The stores name is Paris Boutique it an actual store not a kiosk. They have their Fendi's on display by the windows I know for sure the wallet is authentic but the handbag I am not so sure about. Would they sell fake bags blatantly in public and pass them off as authentic? They told me they are 100% authentic, but since we don't have a Fendi boutique I am not 100% convinced I'd post pics but my camera sucks all the small details don't come up clear any opinions? TIA :smile:
  2. Fendi doesn't sell to wholesalers so its probably fake. And yes, they would do it. We had a customer who was in a random store in A.C. and bought a Fendi bag and once she thought about it she called us and it was fake, and yet the store still wouldn't return it. If it were me I would try to return it and go to a trusted seller on eBay or go to a regular Fendi store or Bloomies, Saks Neiman Marcus. Just my opinion. Hope this helps!
  3. I agree with Fendilover. People sell fake stuff out in the open all the time. Kiosk or not, I wouldn't trust this place. Also, if you're pretty sure the bag is fake, I'm curious why you think the wallet is real?
  4. The wallet I was able to confirm as authentic the bag looks a little less well made
  5. Yes it could be fake. There is a store in Garden State Plaza that sells real Isabella Fiore's and fake Paddingtons side by side. It is possible they don't know that they are fake....but probably not.
  6. I have the same fear as well and it's possible that they may sell fakes.