I bought a fake, please help.

  1. eBay: AUTHENTIC NEW CHLOÉ TEKLA BAG HANDBAG,2007,"MUST-HAVE" (item 230089293995 end time Feb-12-07 05:52:07 PST)

    I spent $350 shipped for this stupid thing. I bought it in blind stupor. I am depressed and upset. I already paid last week; seller was very sweet. I e-mailed her just now and told her that her bag was fake and requested a full refund.

    What should I expect next? I paid with Paypal through my bank account. I think I figured that people didn't fake Teklas yet. :[

    Do I await a response, or file with Paypal now? Can I get the shipping fee back? She is in Sweden...ugh. Please help me!
  2. I would file a claim with paypal just in case the seller withdraws money from the account or something dodgy. I doubt you will get the shipping back.
  3. THank you for your prompt advice. Could anyone here (of authority of some kind) confirm for me that this is indeed a fake? On the authenticity thread, it was shown that this seller's other chloe bag sold was a fake as well. I want to be able to provide evidence if necessary. Thanks!!