i bought a fake gucci for $1000 Help!!!

  1. i just found out that a Gucci "Positano Scarf Tote" i bought 2 weeks ago from a sample sale that i payed $1000 dollars was fake...i went into sak 5th avenue and gucci store and they both told me indirectly it was fake but said they cant officially make a comment about it. the sample sale place has no return policy, and are selling again next week, also i called my credit card and they said i can dispute it but need a letter from someone saying it is fake. what can i do i am stuck? and this was the first big purchase i ever made for myself. please help! thanks
  2. oh no!
    that really sucks!
    maybe try www.mypoupette.com?
    I think she does authentications and written verifications for Gucci, but you'll have to check with her site to be sure.
    keep us posted!
    : )
  3. How horrible. I can't stand those who sell fakes. They are really stealing from us.
  4. let me make sure I understand it correctly. Sak sold the bag and it was fake? that's just horrible. They're a reputable dept. store, how could they :wtf:
  5. No, I don't think she is saying she bought it at Saks. She is saying she took it to Saks and Gucci and both told her it is fake.
  6. i bought it from a "sample sale" not Saks, i took it there and to the gucci store and they told me it was fake. anyway thanks for listening to me vent! this poupette site, have you worked with them before?
  7. A sample sale from whom? Gucci? :confused1:
  8. Would you post pictures of the tag & serial number to for us to look at? Please post them on Authenticate this Gucci thread.
  9. I have used MyPoupette and they are reputable and may be recognized by the credit card company as a legitimate authentication service for handbags. You cans send them the bag and they will provide a letter of (non)authentication.
  10. You can also give carol diva dot com a try, she used to work for My Poupette.
  11. omg! that is awful. I hope you get your money back.
  12. which sample sale .. was it duty free apparel ??
  13. to update...i took it to Bergdorf Goodman and the sales person had their doubts about the bag...but gave me a good idea, they said i can go to the gucci store and request it to be repaired and if the bag wasnt gucci they wouldnt be able to repair it and give me something in writing saying it wasnt authentic...so i went to customer service at gucci and 2 people looked at it and finally told me it was REAL!!! but its a past season so it had subtle differences. so all those sales people were wrong! thanks for all your help and support
  14. i didnt buy this bag from dutyfree apparal but have bough bags from dutyfree before, they are authentic- eyewitness news channel 7 did a story on them along way back so they are legit, you can check channel 7 site to see if the story is still there. i bought it from Sample Sale Productions. they are doing stuff in long island and nyc.
  15. Congrats! :smile: