I bought a FAKE Chanel from a PFer!!!!!

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  1. Oh... well!
    I bought a white Vinly Cabas in April from her...not knowing the Cabas didn't come in White....!!!!!!!

    After checking with Chanel and here at PF.. the Cabas only comes in BLK!!!
    that's how I know I got a FAKE one!!!!! I spent $1000 on a fake bag!!!!!

    Well, stupid me!!! I should have checked before buying...
    SHe hasn't been responding to my message! ( of course, she won't)
    I don't want more vitims ( as she's selling more bags else where)... that's why I must let everybody knows!
    Anyway, Her log-in name is Zeemx!!!! ( He " speaks" broken English)
    I'm sure she will change her log-in very soon!!

    just be very careful when buying bags from strangers!!!!:tdown:
  2. Oh wow, I'm so sorry that happened to you :sad: Thank you for giving us the heads up though!
  3. That Sucks!
  4. I'm sorry that happened.....

    just u know, you aren't supposed to do trades (buy or sell) on the general broad:sad:.
  5. Awww that's HORRIBLE. I'm so sorry to hear that. Too bad it wasn't on eBay otherwise at least you'd probably be able to file a claim.

    Thanks for the warning though.
  6. I'm so sorry that happened to you. I suppose this is,after all,a very public internet forum and anybody can join. With good or bad intentions.

    I do hope you manage to get your money back.And that that person gets caught for FRAUD pretty soon.
  7. Thats truly disheartening! :crybaby:

    Thanks for letting us know and warning us about any and all possibilities!

    I hope you can somehow file a fraud report somehow, and recoup your losses.
  8. i'm sorry to hear that.
  9. Sorry to hear that... did you let the mods know? This member should be banned.
  10. sorry to here that.
    thanks for letting all of us know.
  11. Yeah, I agree.

    Maybe they should try to do an IP ban to ban this person from ever joining again period. Because if it's just a username ban then they can always just rejoin and trick someone else. :cursing:
  12. wow that's horrible

  13. I see the member name already no longer exists.
  14. so sorry for that.
  15. That sucks. It happened to me, but on eBay. It still sucks.

    While we all love to get bargains, I do not think I will ever buy an expensive purse online again. I just go straight to Chanel and bite the bullit and pay the price. The best I can do is get a gift card from Saks and have the new purse sent tax-free to my home. However I never worry about what will be inside the box when I open it and this is worth the xtra money to me now.

    I hate crooks!!!!! Whoever sold you that purse should rot in Hell.

Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.