I bought a fake bag! Damn.

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  1. I bought this Miu Miu coffer bag some weeks ago.


    I received the bag last week, and something seemed off about it. I took some pictures of the bag and posted it in the "Authenticate this" thread. Everyone said it was def. a fake. I kinda panicked, and messaged the seller:

    I received the bag today, and I started to wonder. Because the braiding on the handle has 16 networks. On the authentic ones, there is 11 or 12. Is the bag a fake? I'm seriously starting to feel so. But I thought I would confront you with it, before giving any feedback."

    And panicked a bit more a couple of hours later, because of no reply.

    Okay, so now the purse forum confirmed that, by picture, the bag you sold me is indeed a fake miu miu bag. So what do we do now? I hope I will be able to return the item, and get my money bag? Please respond quickly."

    The only thing the seller responded with was "You are incorrect. I can send you the receipt?"

    So I answered with:


    Here you are, look downwards on the page. These are pictures of the actual bag. Others I have talked to are also certain it's a fake? The receipt doesn't help me, if the actual bag is a fake. I will not accept paying 600 $ for a fake miu miu bag."

    and the seller:

    "Please be assured it is real; The Lampo zipper in the item shows this, (see ebay authenticity reviewer guides). The sales receipt is available. We value our customers, please see our outstanding customer feedback. "

    So, what do I do now? I've already opened a case in eBay. And I payed through PayPal.
  2. Did you ask for more pictures before you originally bought this? You have already opened the dispute, did you pay by credit card through Paypal?
  3. You probably will be asked to authenticate this bag.. in many cases ebay/paypal

    does side with the buyer .. so you may be asked to return the bag.. if so,

    insure the bag, signature & delivery confirmation and take a pic.. you don't want

    the seller to claim you sent a different bag back tpo her than what she shipped

    to you.. keep us posted and just to let you know receipts can be faked as well

    as copied.. so a receipt wouldn't do it for me...and if they are concerned about

    their customer feedback,, they should take the bag back and make you happy
  4. No, that is absolutely my bad. I just trusted the seller on the background of their feedback. Bad mistake, and won't happen again.
    Did not pay with a credit card, no. Only my regular card.
  5. Hi, and thank you for an informative answer. Will def. try to return the bag. And yes, I don't trust a receipt either.. Will keep you posted!
  6. O.k, obviously in the future always make sure to get extensive authenticity photos before buying, always! And always pay with credit card too as an extra back up in case you lose the dispute - though as Hotshot has already said they are quite buyer biased at the moment so you might be in luck. The seller is not going to be co-operative, i would bet my life that they are perfectly aware the bag is fake, the receipt won't make the blindest bit of difference - those famous " ebay reviewer guides" and the lampo zipper, what a load of rubbish. The private feedback is not a good sign either. I would wait to see if they respond to the dispute, and if they still will not take the return i would escalate the claim - though actually thinking about it if it's through ebay i'm not sure how it differs from PP if at all?
  7. oy... so sorry about this! did the people on the tPF "authenticate this" forum tell you why or how it's fake?

    it's a tricky situation because on one hand, after seeing TPF sellers' experiences with buyers saying that their authentic bags are fake, maybe your seller is telling the truth?
    and then on the other hand, you did buy from a seller with no photos of the actual items listed AND didn't ask for photos of the bag.. at least you'll remember for the future!

    good luck
  8. No, I didn't ask for additional pics of the bag, will ofcourse never be that stuppid again.
    No, they didn't say why the bag was a fake, only that it was def. a fake bag..
    Thank you for the response!
  9. First of all, we at the MM forum try not to give out the specifics on the public forum. As we all know here, replicators see TPF as a wealth of knowledge on how to perfect the details on reproducing their fake bags.

    Secondly - I can tell you with complete certainty that the bag is fake. Not even a good fake at that.

    Classbass - my suggestion to you is that you have any bag that you are interested in authenticated before you bid on it. If there is not time before the bidding ends, personally I would just pass on the bag. I feel very bad that this happened to you, but just know that the same thing happened to me years ago. An expensive way to learn a lesson though.
  10. oooh, i see, thanks miu2. i was wondering why on the "authenticate this" threads, people just reply with a simple "yes" or "no". never knew why!
  11. Thank you for all your help! I will definitly authenticate a bag on tpf in the future. And it was stupid of me not to.. Rookie mistake.

    Anyway, seems like the seller won't take the bag in return. Getting quite tricky, this.
  12. I have been an ebay member for quite a few years. I have sold most of my high end handbags on ebay. I have also purchased quite a few, approx 8 , I had them all authenticated beforehand here on pf. It is such an invaluable service these women offer, most likely you will probably get your money back, it will just take time(thru Paypal) just remember that you should always have them autheticated before you buy. I have found if I missed out on a bag, it was meant to be and that there will always be another one. So I try to be patient. Sorry about your misfortune. I am hoping that it works out for you.
  13. If the seller is unwilling to accept the return/refund, and you wish to pursue the return, you will need to ask ebay to escalate & they then make the decision. Before you escalate, make sure that you have your case well presented in the dispute and have said all you want to say, posted all nec info. GOOD LUCK
  14. You may flie paypal case or charge back.