I bought a fake...and had a good experience!

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  1. I knew I shouldn't have hit that BIN, but I was weak and the picture was pretty! Anyway, that vintage YSL wallet was genuine pleather and broke my heart when I saw it. I emailed the seller, who apologized profusely, immediately refunded my entire outlay, and told me to destroy the wallet. Refreshing!
  2. There are good people out there.
  3. That's great!

    I hate to say it, but IMO the seller must have known or suspected it was a fake. Otherwise, he/she would have argued it was legit and/or required some proof of it being a fake rather than quickly issue a refund and let the buyer keep the item. If the buyer had been one who doesn't know much about designer bags and who, therefore, couldn't tell it's a fake, the seller would have gotten away with it. There's a lot of this going on on the bay...
  4. Sad, but true...
  5. ^^I agree indeed

    But at least you didn't go through one of those horror stories you sometimes read here when people get scammed!
  6. actually the seller knows if it is real or fake. but some fake bags may have the same quality as the original. top brands such as LV never produce the bags itself. intead, they will place orders to chinese manufacturers. when they order 1k items, those chinese manufacturers will produce 2k items. LV will choose 1k from the 2k items, and the manufacturers may want to sell the rest.
  7. i have one replica. i can show it here if anyone is interested. i bet no one can tell any difference.
  8. ^^Erm...I bet the LV ladies can.....

    OP , I agree the seller must have known it was fake, glad it was sorted quickly and efficiently !
  9. atleast they didn't make you ship it back for your refund
  10. guccichanel. You clearly condone fakes. The maufacturer stuff is nonsense IMO. :sneaky:

  11. :confused1: I would bet someone in the LV threads can tell the difference.;)
  12. This isn't true is it? Because we can always find a difference between fake and authentic and it doesn't boil down to quality. There is a distinct error (wrong date code/wrong font/wrong design/wrong serial number/etc) that sets it apart as fake. My understanding is that these billion dollar companies would order any product deemed un-fit destroyed and could sue/shut-down the manufacturer if they sold any extra stock. The above story sounds like what the street vendors in Paris say to potential customers to make them feel better about buying their fake bag...like it was created amidst luxury but taken out through the back door so it could be sold for $60. Just my thoughts....
  13. Yes post in Authenticate this LV (or Gucci or Chanel or whatever fake you have)and I am sure you will find out pretty fast who can tell. Maybe not your average person on the street, who thinks you carry authentic when you have a fake (and/or maybe some people don't care if you carry a fake), but I guarantee anyone who knows can tell the real deal. By the way, we don't condone fakes here:smile:
  14. Interesting that GucciChanel calls it a replica, instead of a fake. The seller of the fake YSL wallet had the right idea. Destroy it immediately.
  15. I'm impressed by the seller. But I agree, they must have had an idea that it could be fake. My guess is they found it in a box of things or received it as a gift etc and just wanted to get rid of it. If someone bought it, great. But if someone challenged it's authenticity they would just refund immediately and not take a chance that their feedback would get damaged.

    Not to hijack but I bought a fake bagcharm on a BIN (too good to resist). The seller immediately refunded me, was so apologetic and just asked that I return it so she could bring it back to the person who gave it to her. I thought it was amazing that the seller was so helpful and apologetic. Well guess what, about a month later that seller sold it to someone else, claiming it was authentic!! They were eventually NARU but not all of these "wonderful" sellers are so wonderful!!