I bought a coach bag at tj maxx today and...

  1. when the lady was checking me out she said "i just don't understand how anyone can spend that kind of money on a purse"...

    I was like :wtf: ...*I thought, did she just say that to me?*
  2. WTF??? Why is that even any of her concern?

    Didja give her one of these??? ..... :noggin:
  3. Ug, I hate when cashiers give you their opinions...when you don't ask for them.

    BTW...what bag did you buy??

  4. Same here....if I'm not spending your money stfu about what I'm buying.

    And yeah, what did you get?!?!:graucho:
  5. ooooh yeah, which Coach was it??:drool:
    I scoured my TJMaxx shelves yesterday to find just one Coach, any Coach, and didn't find a one.
  6. to each their own I guess. My mom used to say that, UNTIL I bought her a Dooney, and then a Coach bag. Now she LOVES carrying her pricey bags and thats all she carries.

    as long as I buy them for her that is.
  7. what did you buy? and if you don't mind me asking, how much?
  8. Which bag did you get?
  9. What?:wtf:. I hate when people give me that load of bs. Like "I would never spend that kind of money on a purse", but then go to tell you that she spent $150.00 getting her nails done. (I had this conversation last Sunday) She showed me her $20.00 Avon purse that she loved. Then told me I was crazy for buying my beloved Mandy. Then she told me she went in and had fake fingernails, etc put on for $150.00. :wtf:. Now I am not knocking her spending that kinda money on something like that, but don't bash me for what I spend my money on. To each , his own. My cousin loves shoes, my friend has 8 baby strollers, I have purses. That's it. I have a purse fetish. So what. I can pay me own bills-its not like I am asking them to fund my habit. Ok vent over:cursing:

    Oh, btw I wanna sees pics of the new bag!
  10. I agree, everyone has their own limit of what they'll spend on certain items.. mine is purses, but there are a lot of other things I won't spend a ton on. :yes:
  11. I would have told her "dont worry about what Im buying, worry about your job, bagging my expensive purse and getting me my total". Then I would have asked to speak to her supervisor because that was a very rude comment!

    What bag did you get??!?!?!?! PICTURES!
  12. I hate it when cashier's comment on purchases...tacky!
  13. Oh sorry, got off topic in my envy I suppose...the last time I bought a Coach @ TJMaxx, there was a girl in the line next to me (maybe in her 20's) and she was asking the cashier if she knew if they had any Coach bags. Because she was just in the next line, I said, "I found one over there mixed in with the white ones." She said, "Oh, really? How much is it?" I told her the price (which I was proud of given that it was $100 off MSRP) and she balked at it like I was buying a Kathy or something! Come on -- it's Coach! Hmmmpf! I said, "Actually, I am getting a great price."

    What a rude cashier! I agree w/ what Queenofda702 said!
  14. I hate hate comments such as these.
    I already have some guilt whenever I buy a new bag. When someone actually says that on my face, it takes away the joy of getting the bag I love (only for a while though :p).

    Just forget what the cashier said and enjoy your bag. And yes, please let us know what you got.
  15. I would have said "I don't think that's any of your business what I buy with my money."