I bought a Black Bayswater but.....

  1. Earlier this week, I was in Nordstorm's, checking out all the bags. I had no intention of buying anything, as I am currently content with my stash. That was, until, I passed the Mulberry section. I spotted the Black Bayswater (although I had never seen one IRL and I wasn't sure if that was it or not).

    The SA took it out and confirmed it was a Bayswater. She looked at her computer and said there were only 7 Bayswaters in the US- 1 in each Nordstorm at that moment. I don't know if that was a ploy or what, but I saw what she was pointing at and I did see the # 1.

    I had to buy it and told myself I was going to decide whether or not to keep it. The bag is not as heavy as I thought it was going to be. I made that comment to the SA and she said it was their newer leather, that their older ones were much heavier.

    I am away on a family trip right now and was not able to really check the bag out before I left. I want to see how heavy it is with my stuff in it. Also, it seems that many people carry it by their arm and I'm more of a shoulder girl, so I'm not 100% sure this bag is for me.

    However, it seems like such a classic bag. I just don't know when I would use it. Lately I have been carrying my Balenciaga Day, my Lucky hobo and Gustto Baca.

    Any advice? Thanks!
  2. ..............KEEP IT!!!!!!!!!!!:nuts::tup:
  3. I've been pleasantly suprised how easily mine fits over my shoulder. Don't make any rash decisions until you've had a chance to try it out!
  4. You should keep it! The Bayswater is the perfect everyday bag, it's classic, beautiful (gets even more beautiful with age) and fits everything you need. I love mine, it's the bag I use the most.
  5. Thanks for the replies. I can't wait to return home to fully check out the bag.
  6. Try it out - seriously it is a great bag. Really useful and can be dressed either up or down. Definately give it a go you won't be disappointed :tup:
  7. I wear my Bayswater over my shoulder with no problems. I love mine and I'm seriously contemplating getting another one in black (I have oak atm).
  8. you should definitely keep it! :tup:
  9. I just bought an oak bayswater and I totally feel I made the wrong choice! Loving brown and black sooooooo much! Am going to sell the oak and buy either the brown or black, it didnt help that the day after my purchase arrived I was in Glasgow and saw two different women, one with a black bayswater, one with a chocolate bayswater and they both looked absolutely fantastic! Alomst wanted to take out my phone and get a few piccies but perhaps that would be a bit mulberry-stalker-crazy-ladyish??!!

    So keep it, its timeless!
  10. A black darwin bayswater is a definite buy! Go for it. You may not have an occasion in mind right now but you will definitely find a chance to use it so better prepared than not, isn't it?
  11. JudieH,

    Which Nordstrom were you at? I am trying to track down a Bayswater.
  12. BagLover21, I purchased it at the Short Hills Mall in NJ. The SA told me there were only 7 Bayswater in Nordstorms in the entire US. She said each store had one Bayswater.

    I just got back on Sunday; I need to check mine out to make sure she's a keeper :nuts:
  13. JudieH,

    I just called and ordered a Bayswater from Nordstrom's because of your posting! She did say there were only a few left and mine is being sent from Cali.

    I am so excited to get the bag!

    Thanks so much, JudieH :smile:
  14. BagLover21. Great!!! I'm so happy to have helped you! I think I am going to keep my bag. I just sold one of my Balenciaga Bags and will use the funds to cover this purchase. That makes me feel better :yes:

    I still need to check out my bag further! I took her out earlier this morning to look at her. It's just a simple design but lovely.
  15. JudieH, how is the leather? It looks great in all the pics, but would love your thoughts. Can you fit a laptop in it?

    You've truly made my day with this!