I bought a big fat fake! Help!!!

  1. I'm really hoping you lovely people can help me, and please forgive me for my state of panic!

    I bid on a Chanel bag last week on a whim and won the auction at £470. The seller posted the item last Monday, and I just picked it up at the post office this morning. Lo and behold, it is the ugliest fake I have ever seen. It even smells bad!!! The hologram is completely wrong, and the chain handle is coming apart....:crybaby:

    I've never been in this situation before, and am kicking myself for being so silly. I so should have consulted the Chanel authenticity thread before acting so rashly, but no! I've just sent the seller a disgusted email asking them how we resolve this ASAP....

    Can I dispute the payment with PayPal or eBay? I'm so clueless as to how I even begin to try and get my money back :crybaby:

    Any advice would be truly and greatfully appreciated...

  2. Oh no i really feel for you ...but it will be resolved. Open a dispute with eBay as item not as described and detail the item as fake. Also contact Paypal i prfer by phone you get more response and tell them the situation , do this now because the longer you wait the more likely they will side with the seller. Good luck
  3. Thank you so much mulberrylove. I have taken a few deep breaths and filed a dispute with PayPal. I shall now also file a dispute with eBay.

    I just can't believe there are people out there who might have bought this bag and not realised it was a fake....I wonder how many people have shelled out hundreds of pounds or dollars and been utterly clueless. How sad :mad:
  4. Don't feel bad alwaysinvogue...it happens to all of those of us foolish enough to go to Ebay at least once...

    The bait and switch happened to me with LV bags...I never got my money back, but I did pursue justice here in the US and they were punished. Good Luck to you.
  5. This happens everyday at ebay. Stay calm, have everything documented and ready. Keep all communications w/ the seller on ebay or on the Paypal dispute page, no private emails. Every time the seller makes contact, put that up on the dispute page. Wait for Paypal instructions on what to do. Dont' send the fake back yet, it might need to be authenticated.

    Good luck on getting your money back.
  6. Once you file a PayPal dispute, this seller's fund will be frozen until the dispute is solved. Hold on this bag until hearing from PayPal. If PayPal doesn't side you for this matter, you can turn to your credit card company. My cc always asks me return this bag in order to receive the refund. If so, make sure take some photos before sending it, and require signature confirmation for delivery since cc needs that documentation.

    There are many threads talked about how to deal with fake sellers. Good luck!
  7. I feel for you and hope this gets resolved.

    Just a query on fakes.....
    If the seller doesn't say 100% authentic, can they argue that since they are not claiming that the item is real, it is buyer beware????
    I have seen many auctions where the wording is just a little off - not quite saying is is authentic. Does this protect the seller????

    Fakes suck big time, fake sellers should be roasted on a spit, but does this ambiguous wording give them a loophole??
  8. It is illegal to sale fakes. As long as the seller put that name brand name in their listing, they have to follow eBay rules. It doesn't matter if the seller indicated it is authentic guaranteed. You can file a counterfeit dispute against this seller via PayPal.
  9. Oh crap-I did the very same thing this spring...don't freak out too much, it will get resolved. Interesting what you said about the smell though...mine was an Hermes, and had the most awful fake leather chemical odor.
  10. Thanks so much for your reasuring words everyone, I really appreciate it, you've been lovely.

    Lizavet8, doesn't that awful fake leather smell just make you want to be ill? I can't remember last time I felt so indignant towards a smell! :roflmfao:
  11. Excellent advice. Make sure you hold on to everything and even the box if you have it. Ebay is usually very good about getting you your money back!
  12. Keep cheerful, alwaysinvogue, and you are likely to secure your money back. I had something similar happen to me here in the UK over a year ago. i paid £450 for a dreadful fake and the buyer refused to give me my money back. Unfortunately, I had paid by cheque and so I couldn't seek redress from my CC. However, I did receive money back after completing a SNAD (nothing like the full price, though) and I will be facing the seller in court soon as a result of my civil action against her. So keep focussed and stay positive. It'll pay off in the end.
  13. Sorry to raise this again, but I just have one more question that I'm hoping you might be able to help me with...I've raised a dispute, and escalated it to a claim on PayPal and the seller has stayed quiet thus far. It states on PayPal that the seller has until July 2nd to respond. Does anyone knows what will happen if the seller hasn't responded to the claim by this date? Will PayPal automatically refund me the entire amount? Any info would be greatly appreciated! I'm still hopping mad :cursing:
  14. That's right. You will get your money back. Be patient though - it might take a little bit. You're protected, k? :tup:
  15. Thanks for the reassurance jchiaira....I was never too good at that ol' patience thing :upsidedown: