I bought a bag on Ebay...it turned out to be Fake...what do I do now?

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  1. Here's my dilemma...I am only a newbie to this site, wish I had known about it before I got stung by Ebay!

    I bought a Mulberry bag from Ebay for £320. It arrived yesterday and is most definately a fake.

    I contacted the seller who said to post it back to them and they will then refund me. I have not yet contacted Ebay about this as I want to know where I stand.

    I am not happy to post this bag back to the seller before I get a refund because
    1. If the seller never refunds me, then I have no bag = no evidence
    2. The cost to post the bag back will be £15 as the seller lives in another country
    3. So if I post the bag back and the seller refunds me, he will only refund me the £320 for the bag, not for the postage I incurred for both having the bag sent to me and for sending the bag back....(I'll be at a loss of £30)
    4. If the seller receives the bag from me and doesn't refund me, I am at the loss of £320 + £15 postage + £15 it cost for me to return bag = £350 loss.

    What should I do?? Should I just return the bag? What if the seller doesn't refund me??

  2. Thanks for directing me to the correct page Shopalot.
  3. there's a TON of threads about this already . . . hopefully you'll search first!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.