I bought a bag in TARGET,

  1. And it feels so wierd. I bought a bag for college. I have been going to college carrying my LV messanger but it is too big and heavy for lil old me. I started wearing my balenciaga bag and stuffing my books in it or my fendi bag and stuffing my books in it. Poor designer bags being tortured like this.

    It was pouring hard today and I usually drive to school but for some odd reason I deicded to try the bus to see which is faster. I didn't see it was raining because I left at 6:30 am hoping I didn't miss the bus. I forgot an umbrella.

    When I came home I was soaked and so was my precious chocolate brown balenciaga. :cry: :censor: :mad:
    Thats when I said no more. I marched into target and got a bag for 20 bucks and its cute look and big enough to fit a notebook and small enough not to break my back. It feels wierd wearing a bag from target but for school I think its the best bet. Wish me luck ladies. :nuts:
  2. There's nothing wrong with that! I still have some inexpensive "workhorse" bags that I pull out when I travel or am going to be in situations that would be hard on bags (like taking our son to Disneyland).
  3. That is what i had to do to.
  4. Hey, I love Target!!! Anyway better to buy a bag at Target than to buy a horrible fake one.
  5. my "college bag" is a Levis messenger I bought on sale at Urban Outfitters for $2. When I see girls shoving notebooks into their speedys or spy bags I want to yell at them and rescue their bags!
  6. I think there are times when it just doesn't make sense to have an expensive bag. I actually just bought my first non-designer bag in years after I went on vacation and had to leave my purse in the hotel room a lot. I was more concerned about getting my LV stolen than I was about my credit cards getting stolen.:lol: I am so glad you found something cute!
  7. I usually don't use my designer bags for school anyways so I am glad you found something cute at TARGET. They have some nice totes that work great for school without worrying about damage or abuse.
  8. If it's cute and serves your purpose, it doesn't matter where you bought it from :biggrin:
  9. I am a student and I can relate to that! I still have a number of non-designer bags that I abuse on a daily basis! You made the right decision.
  10. There's nothing wrong with using a Target bag! Target's the best. I use a $29 bag from American Eagle for my school bag. La Salle is in the 'hood. For me, a cute designer bag is not worth getting mugged over.

    I love my school bag. It's the same one that the main character uses on Veronica Mars.
  11. hey minnie
    thats okies! just give your other bags a bit of a rest and just thrash this Target bag while you're studying!
  12. I have a canvas messenger bag from Target that I use for the gym.
    That thing gets beat to death, but for $19 I don't care.
    And it's actually quite cute.

    I'm a HUGE fan of Target.
  13. hey, Target is home away from home. My mother comes to visit and we litterly spend hours there shopping.
  14. It sounds like a win-win situation to me. If it's cute, serves the intended purpose AND is inexpensive, it sounds like the best of all worlds!
  15. I don't think there is anything wrong with Target. I purchase quite a few things there.