I bought a bag from Ebay...turned out to be a fake...what can I do?

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  1. I paid £320 for a Mulberry bag which turned out to be fake. Wish I had known about this site before I bought as I didn't get anyone to authenticate it.

    The seller wants me to mail it back to him before he issues me a refund.

    However, I am wondering this:-
    1. If I mail it back to him and he doesn't refund me, I have not got a leg to stand on. No bag = no evidence.
    2. For me to mail it back to him by registered post (he is in another country) it will cost me about £15, which I will ultimately be at the loss of.

    Does anyone know what I should do? I have yet to contact ebay about this. If I post it back and get no refund, I am at the loss of the £320 + the £15 it will have cost me to post it back...it's a huge risk.

    what would you do?
    Thank you
  2. Here's my dilemma...I am only a newbie to this site, wish I had known about it before I got stung by Ebay!

    I bought a Mulberry bag from Ebay for £320. It arrived yesterday and is most definately a fake.

    I contacted the seller who said to post it back to them and they will then refund me. I have not yet contacted Ebay about this as I want to know where I stand.

    I am not happy to post this bag back to the seller before I get a refund because
    1. If the seller never refunds me, then I have no bag = no evidence
    2. The cost to post the bag back will be £15 as the seller lives in another country
    3. So if I post the bag back and the seller refunds me, he will only refund me the £320 for the bag, not for the postage I incurred for both having the bag sent to me and for sending the bag back....(I'll be at a loss of £30)
    4. If the seller receives the bag from me and doesn't refund me, I am at the loss of £320 + £15 postage + £15 it cost for me to return bag = £350 loss.

    What should I do?? Should I just return the bag? What if the seller doesn't refund me??

  3. Hiya, I went through a similar situation and just posted the bag back on the basis that the seller would refund me. Luckily they did but it would probably be better to file a SNAD dispute with ebay and I think they will tell you to return the item. As long as you do everything via the dispute and get tracking, delivery confirmation and signature required and load the tracking number onto paypal then you should be fine. Hope this helps!
  4. Also try to only talk to your seller via the e-bay mail and not your personal e-mail. Keep records of everything which means make hard copies of the e-bay mail.

    I'm curious - did the seller admit to the bag being a fake?
  5. ^ :yes:

    You are entitled to a full refund including original shipping fee (so, £335).

    Unfortunately, once the seller has agreed to that and/or you've escalated your dispute to a claim and eBay have found in your favour, you will have to pay to return it to the seller tracked, insured and with signature confirmation; which I know is unfair, but still.

    Sometimes eBay provide free return shipping labels, but I believe they are not for insured, tracked, or signature confirmed shipping; so are next to usesless, really (that's correct, isn't it, Ellie?).
  6. So I am told, CHB. I have heard some members say they used the prepaid ebay labels anyway. I probably would not use any shipping label that did not have online tracking, sig confirm & ins.
  7. I would definitely open a dispute on ebay first. And hopefully you paid with paypal so you can open a dispute with them as well..even though they really are owned by the same people. That way, you give Ebay a heads up that you have an issue. Then you send the bag back and make sure you send it fully insured with signature confirmation. Then you keep your receipt that says that you mailed the item back. Your receipt should have the weight of the item in it.

    When you open the dispute with paypal, paypal freezes their account so they cant "disappear." Then you can communicate with them through paypal. That way, there is a record of all conversations. You could also try going into the "Ebay" subforum and do a search there. I am sure there will be a ton of good advice there. Good luck!!!
  8. Really? I was pretty sure you could. Has this changed somewhere along the line...?
  9. Per the Ebay Buyer Protection: http://pages.ebay.com/help/policies/buyer-protection.html

    Conditions under which a case can be filed under the eBay Buyer Protection Policy

    You have not initiated another form of resolution processing, including a credit card chargeback (if you paid by credit card) or a PayPal Buyer Protection claim (if you paid by PayPal).
  10. Ah hah... Thanks for the heads up!!! :biggrin:
  11. No prob... AND who knows... that rule could change tomorrow.;)