I bought 2 Carly's today!!!

  1. and a Bleecker wallet....:yahoo:
    and a snowman keyfob....:yahoo:
    and an initial charm! :yahoo:

    So excited! Here's what I got:

    [​IMG] Medium Chili Carly [​IMG] Large Chocolate Carly

    [​IMG] Bleecker Signature Checkbook Wallet in Brown

    [​IMG] Won't she be pretty on the red Carly? ! :yes:

    plus an Initial charm for the Chocolate Carly!!
  2. Nice Haul!!!! :tup::nuts: LOVE carly in chili....we don't see enough of that!!!
  3. Oh my!! So much stuff!! :nuts:
  4. I know, I don't usually buy so much at one time but I've been wanting the Brown Leather Carly for so long and I just think the Chili Carly will be so pretty in December as a special holiday bag. So I splurged! And got it all!
  5. Wow! Big spreeeee! Lucky gal!

    Those are all beautiful!! Grats! :biggrin:
  6. good haul

    love the charm
  7. WOW that is some lot.

  8. How AWESOME!!!!! Gorgeous bags!!!!!
  9. Nice! Congarts on the Carly's!
  10. Congrats! Can't wait to see the actual pics! :biggrin:
  11. Nice haul!
  12. WOW!! Great choices!! Modeling pics, please!!
  13. HOW EXCITING! :tup:
  14. Very nice! Im really starting to like the leather Carlys more and more. Ive had a khaki/tan signature one since last February, and thought the leather looked kinda boring next to the signature, but my mind is definitely changing on that. The leather looks so luscious on these bags. Great wallet too - Im getting the Bleeker leather wallet in wine for my bday in December!
  15. Congrats!!!! I have Chili Carly, and I love her!!!! I can't wait to see what she looks like on you! Enjoy your beautiful new stuff!!! :p