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  1. for the fact I am obsessing about LV :love: I now plan to make my first LV purchase this week and would like opinions from the enablers, I mean experts here. :biggrin:

    In the Monogram canvas, should I get a Wapity, Zippy or Speedy 30?
  2. oooh i say splurge and get the speedy 30........after that we can "encourage" you to buy matching accessories like the wapity and the zippy.......or.....buy all three!! :lol:
  3. i don't like the monogram canvas... it seems to much to pay for just the mono canvas unless it has some unique features about it. (such as cherry blossom print, cerises.. etc etc)

    I will buy the suhali leather.
  4. Those designs are just silkscreened on to the regular canvas, and it can rub off. If it does, the value of your piece will go down.

  5. I started off with a wallet, and I think that was a good plan for me because I always had my LV on me no matter what purse I was carrying.
  6. speedy!! i love my speedy! but i'm also not a big purse changer like most people on this forum. so...if you won't use it that much, i say new wallet. the zippy is so functional and classy. :smile:
  7. Splurge and get that speedy and then get the other accessories later.
  8. Get the speedy ! There's a reason why everyone seems to have one in their closet ! ;)
  9. Get the Speedy!!! you will love love love it!:love:
  10. Speedy :biggrin:
  11. i second the motion! :biggrin:
  12. I vote for the speedy too but maybe in epi. The monogram speedy is a classic but the epi speedy is modern but still classy.
  13. YYYeeaahh!!....I say go for the Speedy 30!
  14. Rub off?!!....one of my bestfriends got a Mono Speedy 30 or 35 pass downed to her from her mom and it still looks great other than the handles being dark and those can be replaced. Never heard any big complaints about the pattern rubbing off?!
  15. I vote for the speedy too:biggrin: