I blame (and thank!) all of you for my addiction... ***pix*** :)

You know the story. Once you find tPF, the addiction begins. I began by trying to find the "perfect" Tivoli. But in the end, I've selected three bags to begin my collection with. It's a small start, but I've only been at it so far for about six months.

Here's my small but growing collection...

It began with the Trevi. I bought her. Returned her. Bought her again. Sold her to a tPF'er.... and as I packed her to be shipped I knew I had to get another one. This one isn't going anywhere.

Next, along came the Lockit. As much as I wanted the Verone, I knew black was classic and fabulous. Eventually, however, that Verone may find its way into my closet...

And now the pièce de résistance...my beloved Amarante Rosewood. Good God, she is a looker! Not even a moment's hesitation with her. She's mine. She's fabulous... and she needs a wallet and pochette to match! LOVE her.

Thanks to each and every one of you for all of your help, your modeling pix and your undying love of LV! It has forever changed my closet.... and it's only the beginning of a long, beautiful (expensive) relationship.



Jun 8, 2008
Houston, TX
Love all your handbags.:drool: Great choice and stunning!!!:tup:
Gorgeous amarante vernis!

Faboulous collection for a starter! WoW!!:nuts:
thank you so much! I never would have ended up with these had it not been for this forum. When you walk into a boutique it can be overwhelming. And I'd need to try on every bag to decide. But with the clubhouses and such fabulous modeling pix I feel like a much more informed customer.

My husband may fear your super powers of persuasion (LOL!)... but I adore each and every one of you!!! :love::love::love:
SweetPurple...coming from a rockstar like yourself I'll take that as a huge compliment! I need to focus on my storage solutions like you do...gotta make room in that closet!

I actually ordered the WC Pap after seeing yours. It wasn't "the one" so I ended up with that lovely Rosewood. I'm in heaven, sister!!!

Keep up the great work as my handbag role model! ;)
next? (this is exactly why I love all of you)... I'm in need of a wallet, so the vernis amarante zippy wallet is "the one" for me. That and the Eva/Sophie damier coming next month. Those will complete my year (and deplete me of all funds for a while)

Next year....
I'd like a cles or pochette.... amarante as well. Not sure which one. None of the current options look "right"... seems I missed out on some LE items tha would have worked.

And oddly, I have a crush on the humble Batignolles Vertical. Love her. She seems so useful and pretty. I have no mono in the collection.... so it just seems fitting.

Those are the plans! :smile: