I bite my nails... help?

  1. Okay so I'm envious of you girls who have gorgeous nail on that nail thread.. I want to have nails!!! But I bite them sooo much and I don't even know it when I do.. I just do. I have ugly nails and they have been an embarrassment for years and i can't help it!

    So my coworker bought me a polish that smells real bad and make me wear it.. and I still bite it.. I don't think I can ever quit!

    I did manage to grow it out once from having acrylic nails but they ended up being too thin and all broke off... :sad: Should I do it again?
  2. I used to bite mine too - It's a hard habit to break. I wear acrylics now and absolutely love having gorgeous nails. It's one luxury I will never give up. My nails were damaged by biting them too long and even if I grow them now, they have ridges and are thin, so I just bite the bullet and have gorgeous nails.
  3. I bit my nails all through high school. I mean down to stubs. It was completely nasty. I finally stopped because I bought one of the terrible tasting polishes for your nails. I think it was called Stopzit or something like that. That stuff stayed on forever. Sadly, I would still try to bite my nails with that stuff on but it just would't come off. I also tried chewing gum to help with the nail biting. I now have strong, healthy nails and I don't bite my nails any more. Good luck!
  4. I used to bite my nails for years and years, until about 2 years ago I got gel nails. I got the gel nails removed a year ago, and have never gone back to biting my nails again... and now they are all natural and strong (after using OPI's Nail Envy everyday since my nails were really weak at first).
  5. I had gel nails too put on but it's pricey having to fill it every other week... And when I did remove them, they broke off cause they were paperthin..

    and another problem I did have was since I bite them so far down, the nails wouldnt stay very long!!! I have to get a new set almost every other week cause half of them flipped off lol.:tdown:
  6. I had the same problem! In high school i used to bite my nails and it looked nasty, it wasnt something i wanted to do but more like something i would start to do and then by the time i realised i was biting my nails, half of it was gone. I realised taht i was biting on my nails because i was bored or anxious or nervous...i've now stopped but i've found a new bad habit: i pick at my finger nail cuticle.

    I think you justh ave to find out why you bite ur nails...it's really all psychological, because nails dont taste good at all. Or actually try chewing gum!! Keep ur mouth busy.
  7. I'm still trying to stop biting mine. When i was in high school/middle school I tried the bad tasting polish stuff, but I just stopped putting it on because I wanted to bite. I usually have Acrylics, but I just took mine off the other day and am trying to see how I can do. I agree with whoever said you should try to find out WHY you are biting. Within the past year I've been getting a handle/understanding of my brain so I'm much more aware of things. I don't have any suggestions since usually it's a psychological thing and we are all different, but good luck! We're here to support you!
  8. I had a bad habit of nail biting, which I still do sometimes but the best way for me to keep away from them is to actually go out and get a manicure. As long as it looks nice, I will not bite them. But I agree with the few posts that it's all psychological. If you don't think about it, then the habit will slowly die down. Good luck!
  9. I started twirling my hair as a substitute for biting, and it worked! Problem is, I can't stop twirling now LOL. And I still bite my nails every once in a while, but not often.
  10. I never really bit my nails, but I would bite the skin around my nails. Like other people said, get a manicure! You won't want to bite them when they look all cute. And don't let the manicurist talk you into a color you don't like. Sometimes they say "since your nails are so short-a.k.a. bitten- you should get a light color". Get whatever color you will like most so that you will stop biting. Besides, short nails with dark colors are in.
  11. i still have the same problem and im turning 21. good gracious! put on layers of clear nail polish and keep reminding yourself that its not healthy to bite nails with nail polish (compared to nails without any polish). or u can get sally hansen NAIL BITER which you brush on fingernails and over surrounding skin areas. the taste is horrible.
  12. I used to bite mine all the freaking time and it made me so mad cause I couldn't stop. I started keeping them constantly painted which made me not want to bite them because I didn't want to eat the nailpolish. It sounds stupid but it worked.
  13. YES! sally hansen Nail Biter is THE thing :supacool:! i was a terrible nail biter for years and then I used it ...first time i put my nails in my mouth i thought I would puke! :sweatdrop:The taste is just impossible to bear i cant think of anything else to compare it with...just make sure u reapply it every day and trust me no more biting .