I bit the bullet and ordered an Anna Corinna Mid City tote!

  1. Like many tPFers, I've always thought that the City was a tad too large and the Mini City a tad to small. So, I was extremely excited to read that AC came out with a Mid City tote. I sold my Mini City (last one...I had two originally) and ordered the Mid City in black from Luna Boston. I can't wait to get it and see whether it will be the perfect size. :wlae:
  2. Smart move! Please post modeling pictures when it arrives. Congratulation!
  3. I am so excited for you! I agree, please post modeling pics as soon as it arrives!!!! I have a feeling there will be a lot of tPFers following in your footsteps (including me!)!
  4. Woot! Can't wait to hear your review.

    Thank you for being a TPF guinea pig. :sweatdrop:
  5. Thanks! I will try to post pictures when I get it. I think it should reach me on Friday, and I will try to post pictures before I leave for the holiday - nothing like taking a week off with a brand new bag, right? :graucho: If I can't get to it, I will definitely post when I come back.
  6. oh, i want one (or two) of those...i think it would be the PERFECT size! i love my mini city, but always kind of wish it were bigger...but not as big as the regular city lol. she's definitely responding to market demand imo.

    please post lots of pics when you get it!!!
  7. I am totally wanting one of those! Hope it is the pefect size for u SuLi--can't wait to see ur pics!!! Congrats!
  8. Congrats girlie. :yahoo:Can't wait to see it on you either.;) I love my mini though.:yahoo:
  9. Aw I'm bummed that you sold your mini, I would have loved to see your new mid size next to the mini for comparison...
  10. ^ I'm sorry....maybe Nanaz and I can get together at some point and take a picture together for the size comparison.
  11. YAY for you..I have the AC City and I LOVE IT!!

    Post pics when she arrives!
  12. ooh i just bought the mid city tote as well and i just bought the mini - i'm gonna give the mid city to my mom for her bday. I hope she likes it!! i love my mini, i'm really petite so it doesn't overwhelm my body ahh finally
  13. Good for you! I, too, would like to see modeling pics. :smile:
  14. What colors did you get? Can you post pics of the mini and mid city side by side? TIA!