I binged on wallets today!!! Pics.......

  1. Ok I went to the mall to get a wallet, one wallet, just one:rolleyes:...didnt quite turn out that way:confused1:. Kind of had an accessory binge!!!! :graucho:

  2. [​IMG]
  3. WHOA! you need to show us some more pics!
    im excited to see the chanel :smile:

    edit: aah. i posted too late :smile:
    congrats! they are all beautiful!
  4. I had to get the pink vernis wallet, they told me its been discountinued.
  5. Oh the Framboise Vernis is lovely! Congrats on all of your goodies, they are stunning! Thanks for sharing!
  6. WOW!!!!!!!! I love the pink and the Gucci!!!!
  7. Oh Congratulations i love them all.
  8. Congrats,the Gucci is hot!!!
  9. But I dont need this many wallets! LOL I have a chanel on route too. MY dh is just shaking his head. "I dont get it" I told him, "Dont worry, if you did, you would be gay" LOL

  10. Thanks! I have the matching bag...its amazing!!!
  11. Whoa!!!! Now that's alot of wallets!! LOL!! Congrats, Selena, I love them!!!
  12. Congrats Selena!! I love all of your stuff!!
  13. Congrats!
  14. Fun! A combo! Congrats!
  15. Great goodies...
    Love them all. Fab chanels