I BIN on ebay can you guess?

  1. :yahoo:A little bigger than a bread box.
    the color of a starbucks iced mocha with whole milk
    and softer than a baby's behind
  2. I like these guessing games.

    A birkin? :nuts:

  3. yeahhhhhhhhhhh and there is a whollllllllllllllllle lotta shopping going on here on the TPF these days!
  4. An etoupe Birkin?
  5. ^ That what color I was thinking based on the Starbucks description...
  6. Something Etoupe in swift perhaps?

  7. yes:yahoo: yes and yes
  8. :yahoo: Congratulations!!! I love Etoupe in Swift and can't wait to see pics!!!
  9. Wow--that's truly exciting! Congratulations!

  10. Thank you so much! I am grinning ear to ear. I love etoupe, I love swift and well who doesnt love a birkin right! I bought myself one of the horn necklaces recently and I think that they will look great together!
  11. An etoupe Birkin and a horn necklace?! That rocks! I'm just a tad jealous :p Congratulations!!!
  12. I'm sure they will look amazing together :yes: The only trouble I have with Swift is my own obsessive petting, lol, it's so soft I can't keep my hands off it.
  13. Where's da pics!!! LOL I'm dying to see your new babies :drool:

  14. Thanks--I bought the necklace (its just plain horn--not the kind with the colored 1/2 piece) because i have alwasys loved tortoise and ivory and those sorts of organic materials. but i dont wear much jewelry or scarves...............i bought it against my common sense.........but i have been wearing it and loving it. i feel like I evolved my style a bit by acquiring it

  15. i havent got the bag yet....... next week