I Bidded on a Fushia Perfo Pochette!!!

  1. Hehehehe!:yahoo:
    I just bidded on a fuschia perfo pochette!!!

    It ends in 2.5 hours!!!

    Will let you know if I won or not when I get back from work!!!

    So excited!!!:wlae:
  2. Good luck! I know you've been looking for one for some time now! Please let us know how it works out! *fingers crossed for you*
  3. Good luck : )
  4. good luck
  5. Good luck!!!:yes:
  6. Finger crossed:yes: ! Really hope you win!;)
  7. Oooo! I hope you win it!! Good luck!
  8. *Crosses fingers*
    It's a really cute bag..you'll love it :smile:
  9. I am keeping my fingers crossed for you, good luck!
  10. GOOD LUCK~~ you and a fuschia perfo pochette is like me and a cerises speedy...destined to be together!:yes:
  11. Yea for you....good luck!!!
  12. Good luck, how is it going so far?
  13. Good Luck
    Let us know please...
  14. ooh yes! let us know! i hope you get it!! :nuts:
  15. Soon!! I hope you get it.
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