I bid farewell to LV with this Denim Alligator ...

  1. Sac Fermoir!:nuts:


    This was the last LV on my list and it arrived today.:wlae:I am going to take a break from Louis Vuitton for a bit (nothing in the new collection really tickles my fancy:sad:) but I will live vicariously through you, my lovely fellow PFers, and all of YOUR new purchases!!!:jammin:
    Denim Sac Fermoir 1.jpg
  2. Irene, that is gorgeous!!! Congratulations! I can see why you'd rather have fewer LE LV's rather than a bigger collection of common LV bags!! Are you going to post pics of your 'complete' collection now? Can't wait to see them!! Use them in good health!! :smile:
  3. wow I love it! Let-Trade?
  4. Oh yes, please post a picture of your full collection!!! Congrat's on completing your family for the time being! That is one stunning bag!!
  5. I agree with you - better to have what you love than just keep buying because you can - you have an amazing collection!
  6. Irene, congrats, this bag it TDF!!! Enjoy all your elegant pieces!
  7. That's soooo hot! I only like the LE denim bags cause it seems like EVERYONE and their MOTHER is jumping on the denim bandwagon now...just my opinion.
  8. Wow, this bag is awesome! Congrats!
  9. Congrats! I love your Fermoir.
  10. Yeah I would love to see an updated pic of your collection!
  11. This is gorgeous!! CONGRATS!! What a great piece to bid adieu. You have such an amazing collection!!:sweatdrop::love: Of course, please post modelling pics!!!!
  12. That is such a gorgeous bag, congrats!!!
  13. Oh my..I think it's the best bag from denim line..my mouth wide open..congrats...gorgeous bag..love the combo of red and denim..[​IMG] [​IMG]
  14. That is a mighty fine looking bag Irene!! Love it!!:nuts:
  15. That's one gorgeous bag!:love: :heart: :love: You're my idol! At the same time your dangerous. I love all your bags.:drool: When I see your collection I keep wanting to add to mine. You have the best collection I've ever seen. :love: :drool: :love: :drool: