I betrayed Chloe for Chanel.. Opinions, anyone?

  1. Hi girls, I happen to have a very fashionable bf who loves deciding what I should and should not wear. Anyway, I had a collection of Chloe paddingtons and ediths, but I've become hooked to Chanel when I bought my dark white reissue. I then promply proceeded to buy the metallic black reissue and the dark white medium caviar flap.

    My bf hates Chloe paddingtons, but was "okay" with my limited edition metallic blue nuit. I decided to sell both, but stupid me cancelled the bids of eBayers who had less than 5 feedbacks. The last metallic blue nuit was unsalvageable, and the auction ended at AU$660. That's less than US$600. The original price of the bag was 935 pounds. Now, that's a hell lot of money lost. So the paddingtons funded my dark white flap.

    I then sold two of my three Chloe ediths, and I am thinking of selling the last one. I know I am losing money too because of the NM Last Call sale, which dropped the price of second-hand Chloe bags. That's crazy because my bag is as new as brand new. Now I think of selling the last Edith so I can use the "edith fund" for a grey reissue that thegraceful1 has up for sale now. What do you think? I totally betrayed Chloe. But I think their bags went on sale so much that they are not good "investment pieces" anymore.

    Now, back to my fashionable bf. He likes the metallic black reissue because it's dark, but dislikes the dark white one. He is even more agitated because I bought a dark white flap. Not that he pays for any of my bags, but he's a stubborn man. Now he tells me to get rid of the dark white reissue. I kind of agree because it's been hiding from the world for the past few months - it's too small for daily use (225). But it's my first Chanel, there's an emotional attachment there.

    Let me know what you think.

    Should I get another reissue (the grey 227 - that's if I win it)? Should I let go of the dark white 225 because the caviar flap is coming? Should I keep my last Chloe Edith?
  2. Like you, I had a huge Chloe addiction back in 2005: 5 Paddingtons, 2 Ediths,and 1 Silverado. I sold them all to fund my Chanel obsession. It was really hard to let the last one go: my original tan campaign Paddy, which only sold for $699 on eBay. I really expected it to bid up higher, being the sought after campaign bag with the squishy leather.

    I always thought Chloe was THE only bag for me, but once I discovered Chanel I never looked in their direction. And I completely agree that the sales completely diminished them as investment pieces. I lost half my money on the Silverado.
  3. I only had one chloe, a silverado and only used it maybe twice and I sold it as quickly as I could. I never grew to really love it like my Chanel bags. I say keep the bag which you love, I think it's cool that your bf gives you advice, etc. but YOU should be making the decision about which bag you love in the end.
  4. Yeah, the sales are crazy. I saw an authentic edith went for $400 on eBay after the sales.

    Am I right to say that Chanel bags hold their prices better?
  5. I agree. I really love my metallic black reissue and luckily he likes it too. I'm using it as an everyday/going out bag now. I'm after an equally functional bag which does not lose its value over the years. That's why I'm thinking another 227 reissue would be perfect.

    I retired pretty much all my other bags when the metallic black came, but occasionally use my classic edith when I need to carry A4 documents.

    Did you sell your silverado because it wasn't functional?
  6. i love the grey reissue and would sacrifice the tiny dark white reissue 225 (it's usually function over form for me) to get the grey....plus you also have the medium white. i understand sentimental value, but the grey is a better bag.
  7. Thanks for the reassurance.. I guess having a pretty bag which can be used would be better than having a pretty bag which sits on the closet.:hrmm:
  8. ^exactly!!
  9. In all honesty, YOU have to like what you own and what you're buying. Unless your boyfriend is paying for and borrowing your bags, the choice is yours.

    That said, I personally like darker colors and I'm honestly just not a Chloe fan but again, you are the wearer and you have to be happy!
  10. mcdinosaur, I'm not sure why I didn't love it, functionality was probably a factor. But, I love the black metallic reissue!! Good luck with your decision.
  11. Bohahahahahaha.. welcome to the dark side (read: Chanel obsession)!

    get the grey one.. that bag is simply TDF!
  12. I would sell the 225 dk white reissue unless you need it as an evening bag. It's really too small for anything else. And since you have a medium flap in the same color, it's sort of redundant. The grey 227 would round out your collection - go for it sweetie.
  13. I never be a fan of Chole as I think its weight is heavy.

    Grey is a nice color.
  14. Thank you.. i'll go for it..


    it's like life and death now..
  15. indeed, the grey is beautiful..

    I can't believe I wasted so much money reselling all those Chloes..