I bet you guys don't see this all the time...

  1. I don't mean my monogram poche toilette 19! :biggrin: What I meant was the datecode on it! If you look, it has NO as the first 2 letters and that's not something that we commonly see. I double checked with the old post we had about LV datecodes and it's not there so we should add it for future reference. I looked at it and almost thought it was fake!

    Btw, excuse the craptastic photos!

    Here's the old thread about datecodes:
    poche193 (2).jpg poche194 (2).jpg
  2. WOW! Never saw that one before. Well, you learn something new everyday! Thanks for sharing this.
  3. never mind, i answered my own question!
  4. (sorry, double post)
  5. You can do a 'search this forum' and type in date codes and it will send you a few posts about date codes.
  6. Thanks for the new info!
  7. Wow...that is definitely a first for me. I've never seen a datecode with NO. Thanks for sharing!
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