I Bet Mine Is Bigger Than Yours!!!!!!

  1. OMG, now I know there are some Dutch people on this board (and I don't want to offend, love you all really) but I gotta say, come New Years these guys are nuts. NUTS!!!

    We've just come back from the beach (oops, I mean North Sea) and we found some of the locals building their annual New Years Eve Bonfires! Holy Crap! Can you imagine once these things are lit!:wtf:

    It's already a military zone around here with all the Fireworks going off.

    Anyhoo, snapped some pics! HAPPY NEW YEAR everyone!:heart:
    DSCN1933.jpg DSCN1936.jpg DSCN1937.jpg DSCN1938.jpg DSCN1939.jpg
  2. I reckon once lit you could see it from space!! :lol:
  3. :amazed: You win!!!
  4. Yep, I think the guys on MIR will be saying "Holy Crap, look at those Dutch bonfires. Respect". :graucho:
  5. HAHAHA... that is hilarious actually!!!! Is it a tradition?! That thing is HUGE
  6. Wow!! That thing is huge.
  7. Woah!!! That is really large!! I can't imagine how big the fire was!
  8. That's massive!!!!
  9. whoah that will be a whole lot of pollution =(
  10. :roflmfao:
  11. I'm so proud to be Dutch!
  12. ^^ Ditto! I love doing things in a big way.