I believe I found one of CHANELS most horrible ideas....

  1. OMG, that's not an authentic bag is it?? That is just awful!
    the CC logo looks weird.
  2. Yuck! :sick: :sick: :sick: :sick:
  3. Chanel makes some pretty wacky bags every now and then. If she wants to sell that bag, she really should lower the price.
  4. I dont think that's a real bag.... the Cs are way too close together
  5. i have no idea if its authentic but i love the straps...but doesn't it remind you of the dior hardcore line??
  6. Oh dear....what is it????
  7. My goodness , what is THAT!!!!! Rare - I do hope it is very rare.:nuts:
  8. calm down girls..
    it's a fake..and obviosly was created by a 4 year old !!
  9. I think you just paid it a compliment Solitair, more like a 2 yr old after a bad dream!
  10. me no likey! how can they even put that up for that price??
  11. Bleh, it's like something out of a horrible acid trip !
  12. thats an interesting chanel bag! - i'd totally pass on that!
  13. lesan

    exactly my thought hehehe
  14. That fabric/design looks like someone shot a sofa in a retirement community in Florida! Kind of like Seinfeld's parent's condo!!!! :sick:
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