I beg to differ...What are your thoughts on Rubisse?

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  1. Some of PFers' Rubisse Bals look very nice indeed but 'm not tempted to snag one at all. I find it a bit matt and my heart beats to 07 Tomato or maybe even 08 CR. What do you say?:confused1:
  2. So far, I prefer Tomato but I haven't seen Rubisse IRL yet.
  3. Well, Tomato is GORGEOUS :nuts: - absolutely one of my favorite Bal reds, and I don't think I've seen one yet that didn't have amazing leather! But Tomato tends to be, IMO, slightly more of an orange-based red with maybe a slight amount of blue, if that makes sense. I've always thought that it really, truly looks like the pure red color of nice, ripe tomato - whereas Ruby is more of a true blue-based red, reminiscent of Rouge Theater. So the two are very different reds in my mind, but both are fabulous reds! I don't think someone could really go wrong with either...or both :graucho:!
  4. My heart is beating for the Rubisse, but I am so banned right now there is NO WAY I'll be able to dig out of my handbag hole until ~ oh, let's say ~ 2010...:P

    Otherwise, Ruby, you are MINE! :tup:
  5. I finally got to see ruby IRL the other day and I think the color is perfect, not too orange and not too deep. But, like sparkle said, I was surprised by how matte it is. The leather is very even but it doesn't have much shine to it, similar to some bouton d'or pieces from last season, if that makes sense.
  6. My favorite red is still Rouge Vif!
  7. it's too like RV for me which i already have in a first & as much as i :heart: her the color is pretty flat ~ tomato def gets my vote as the best *recent red* too :yes:
  8. Oh no! :sad: I sooooooooooooooooooo wanted the Bouton d'Or and was major-league disappointed when I saw the leather (needless to say, I still haven't found one that I like - so I don't have this color in my collection). So, I was thinking - "okay, no Bouton d'Or ... then I'll get the Rubisse". However, if the leather is the same, then I will probably opt out.

    I don't get it ... the wonderful '04 and '05 leathers (which had some of the best colors) were divine ... what the heck is Balenciaga doing now which makes the new leather so stinkin' dry ... UGGH! :tdown:
  9. If you don't like ruby than don't buy one, simple as that :yes:
  10. I went to BalHK today specifically to check Ruby, it is gorgeous!!! Beautiful leather to boot!! It is matte, not a problem with me as long as it's thick and evenly distressed, really. I also saw Marine! I didn't like the photos on here that I've seen, but IRL, she is :drool:. I may be in deep trouble...It looks similar to Blueberry..but then again, I have not seen a blueberry IRL...
  11. Actually i love the color like Tomato more,i've never seen Ruby in a real color yet.
  12. CeeJay I don't want to mislead you; I wouldn't call the Ruby leather dry, it's just matte and a little flat. If you can, assess it in person and let us know what you think!

  13. I saw Rubisse in person yesterday at NM. They had three on display, including a SGH PT. The leather on the PT was the best, most thick, but the RH City and First were a little too cardboard-like. The color itself is GORGEOUS IMO. But I have to echo what many others have said. While it has a beautiful shade of red, it's way too matte and did not make me drool. There's something about colors that look juicy, dripping wet, and drenching soft, pliable leather. Rubisse does not look like that. It's almost like it got a dusting of powder. I previously described the Black Cherries I'd seen this way, drawn, ashen, life-less. Rubisse is not as ashen as those Black Cherries, but it still looks "under-ripe" and plucked too soon from the tree. And yet it has a beautiful color. Wish it had a little more life to it.

    On the other hand the Amethysts I saw were out of this world. Vibrant, head turning, saturated, not super glossy but juicy and ripe looking. :drool:
  14. BagLuver and Vikianderson, i totally agree that RV is gorgeous! And that leather is so yummy - thick and real smooshy!:drool:

    Decophile, that's the word "cardboard-like". Seems like some FW Bals are like that. Bal has to improve its quality control.

    Chinkee, the way you describe Marine is tempting, tempting.
  15. I think this all comes down to preference and what makes YOUR heart fly. I have had pieces in 08 CR and 07 Tomato and sold them all, they were just a little too orange based for me. 07 Tomato less so, but you can definitely see it when compared to a true blue red.

    I had my heart set on Rubisse and was ready to pull the trigger...especially after seeing everyone's bags. They are STUNNING. But, a mint Rouge Theater City landed in my lap just this last week, and that's what I was really after. So, my "perfect red" search ends for a little while :yes: