I become indecisive again!


Have me decide pleaseeeeeeeeeeeee

  1. Black First

  2. Cement First

  3. Choose other colors

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  1. :hysteric:I just don't understand myself. How come I become so indecisive. :crybaby:

    I join b-bag gang a month ago. Make decision that I would go with color b-bag, not black one, since I think I can get other black bag. Also, black b-bag is produced every season. I might be able to get one off ebay at lower price than retail.

    However, in the past few days, I just fall in love with black First! :tender: Seems like it's the basic bag that everyone should have. But my DH thinks it's too normal, nothing special about it.

    I'm waiting for good quality cement First from Bal NY. I also have Ink City, Rough Vif First, Ink Weekender and Magenta First which I might sell.

    I love the First the most. I think I will have only one City to put my laptop and carry daily for work. Ink is PERFECT for me. Love love. Then I have Vif First as the bright hip color. I figure I want another neutral color in First. I though cement might be good but now I think I want black. :Push: At first, I don't want black since I don't think it has a good resell value if I have to sell it in the future.

    What do you guys think? I can't think anymore. Having big headache! :throwup:

    Here are the bags that I took the pictures with. Don't have Vif First with me yet and I might find Magenta a good home soon.

    I guess my ideal collections are
    - Vif First
    - Mustard First (praying everyday)
    - One neutral color in First - debate btw Black and Cement
    - Ink City
    - Ink Weekender (haven't received it yet)

    Please vote :flowers: :love:

    PS: I'm short, 5'2", 100 lbs. :lol:
    cement1.JPG cement2.JPG Ink.JPG IMG_0794.JPG IMG_0795.JPG
  2. ohhh...i love your magenta first!!!!!!!!!:love: You look fabulous!!!
  3. You look great with all those bags! Eventhough I like black Bbags and think it would make a good staple bag as it's classic, I think you should hold on to your cement First. I love it on you. And it's more of a special colour cf black. Black is a bag you can get any season so if you are having a difficult time deciding, keep the cement.
  4. Agree with Sue, the cement looks great and you should keep it!
  5. If you know your ideal collection, get those colors first if it is a limited edition. Colors will not always be available but black will. If the opportunity presents itself to fill your list, do it. Then go back and get those wants :yes: The cement looks like a good neutral so go with it for now and get a black when you have extra funds available.
  6. you look awesome with the cement and its a uniques neutral color. like everyone has said black will be produced every season...why not get the black when there is a season when none of the colors truly strike you?
  7. honestly girl, and please nobody clobber me for saying this :noggin: ...but i'm not a big fan of the cement color...i'd go with the black first, since it will always be a classic (& will never get dirty!!!) :tender:
  8. Phew! Im glad your the first to recommend this. Cause Im just gonna have to agree with ya on this one miss aaallabama girly!:graucho: I have several colors, but I'll tell ya, I really think my true love at this point is my black bbag:love:
  9. I voted for black first - I saw someone wearing one the other day and it looked smashing! :smile:
  10. Thank you everyone for your opinions. Please keep them coming! I think I'm going to make decision today. :P
  11. ITA with Shoegal! :yes: Oh, and let me clobber aaa while I'm here just for fun--:noggin: LOL!!!:roflmfao: :roflmfao:
  12. I say go for the black, but you should also keep your magenta cause it looks amazing on you!
  13. Both the Cement and Magenta look AMAZING on you! I'd keep both and get black later when none of the new colors appeal to you.
  14. lol :roflmfao: :roflmfao: :roflmfao: :roflmfao:
  15. I love the cement color. It's my favorite color of all the f/w season. IMO, keep the cement, black will always be available and you can probably save a few dollars buying a gently used one.

    And ABSOLUTELY keep the magenta. It's my favorite color of all time...I even love it more than 04 turquoise