i attract scammers. BEWARE OF www.etrading-ltd.com

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  1. many of you might not be familiar with the horrible experience i've been having with scammers. one of them was HINNA AMNA ARSHAD (please do a search if you'd like) and the other is this buyer from South Korea who claimed i sent her an EMPTY box. the paypal claim is STILL on going...and it's been over a month. paypal withdrew the funds from my bank account (over $2k) and i could have stopped them from doing so by emptying the account but as my bf said...i never did anything wrong, so i should let them do it and things should fall into place.

    well. paypal emailed me yesterday and this is their msg to me

    This claim has been reviewed and it has been determined that a full refund
    of the PayPal transaction (including shipping and handling) should be
    awarded to the buyer once the item, in its original condition, is returned
    to you. The buyer is responsible for shipping and handling costs related to
    returning the item to you.

    You have provided the following shipping address:

    The buyer has 10 calendar days to provide proof of shipment for the item
    being returned. PayPal will issue a refund from your account once the we
    can confirm that the item was shipped.

    Thank you for your cooperation.

    I went MAD when i read this msg so i called paypal immediately. i asked wth the buyer is supposed to send if she claimed that i sent her an empty box in the 1st place?!?!?! an empty box?!?! the rep was also baffled by this 'decision' so she sent it back to the resolution dept. and then they sent me this msg.

    We are writing to let you know that we requested additional information
    from the buyer about this case.

    We'll let you know if we require additional information from you.

    in the midst of all this, i have many other items on ebay, one of them a chanel bag. i get a msg from the SN star444wars asking how much shipping via Fedex was. i was a little confused because i only use USPS. he then goes through the trouble of finding my email and sending me this...


    I will give you $______ and you will pay the shipping through FedEx. Because of the high amount of money i will prefer using an escrow service. I will cover the fees of the escrow.
    The escrow company i want to use is www.etrading-ltd.com ,please read their terms and condition and if you are agree with them please register and let me know the email address you use for registration in order for me to initiate the transaction.
    You don't need to insure the bag because I will insure the bag to the escrow company at the real value of $______ so you don't need to insure the bag to FedEx any more.

    Best regards,

    there was no way in hell i'd do the transaction outside of paypal or ebay despite the fact that i hate the company but i need to sell my stuff. oh and no insurance?! wow no way! we exchanged a few other emails but in the midst of it i already knew he was trying to scam me out of my money. that company says it's a US based company but it's actually some phony company in China. here's the link to a thread on ebay


    i cannot believe he was trying to make a free substantial amount of money off me. i mean, did he really think i was going to send him the bag?! i asked him for the address he wanted me to send the bag to and this is what he gave me

    Jason xxxxx
    City:Puerto Sotogrande
    Zip code: 11310
    Country: Spain
    Phone number: xxxxxxx

    at this point i am just really wondering why i am having all these run ins with people like this. i haven't responded to him but i so want to tell him oh so many things!!!! :cursing: anyway, please be aware of this 'escrow' company and spread the word. you never know when it could happen to you and this is a great way to warn people about this ugly scam.
  2. I'm sorry this is happening to you. Hopefully, everything will sort itself out with your dispute. I've never sold anything on ebay and I don't think I ever will. Horrendous stories like yours is an adversion.
  3. Hi fashionispoison, jeeeezus, you are having a bad run! Big hugs...

    At least it sounds like paypal may be doing the right thing. Re: the empty box, though, why didn't they ask you to provide your proof of shipping receipt? Surely if you paid $XX amount in shipping because the package weighed a certain amount, that means that your buyer did not receive an empty box. The post office wouldn't let you pay extra postage to post an empty box, would they?!
  4. As for "Jason" and his ridiculous escrow company, at least you were ten steps ahead of him! I hate to think how many people there are out there who went ahead and paid via e-trading.ltd...
  5. fashion, i am so sorry to hear about this. Hugs! :flowers:There are some truly nutty people out there!
  6. Oh,dear!!:wtf:
    The good thing is you learned the scammers' lesson and you were able to save yourself this time....:okay: About Paypal...there are no words...hopefully they will finally understand the right thing to do!!!:cursing:
    Ebay (and the world) is full of scammers...once,years ago,i just emailed an Ebay seller asking some infos about a Gucci bag he was selling...you know what?
    He answered asking my CREDIT CARD infos (numbers,details and everything),saying he needed them to keep the bag apart for me :wtf: AND I NEVER ASKED HIM TO!:police:
  7. that's s weird that you seem to be getting all the scammers... at least you're experienced enough to catch on to their tricks, just think of how many other sellers fall for them and aren't able to fight back!
  8. so sorry for yr bad experience... thxs for letting other tpf aware of them...:tup:
  9. Paypal does REALLY stupid things like this ALL THE TIME!! They've screwed me over TWICE with their blatantly STUPID people. They have these form letters that they pick from thats closest to your issue and thats what they use. I guess they can't find people with brains to handle real problems.
  10. i just got an email last night from paypal telling me this.........

    We were recently notified that one of your buyers filed a chargeback
    and asked their card issuer to reverse a payment made to you.

    Although a chargeback may appear to be similar to a PayPal claim, it is
    actually a process initiated outside of PayPal and controlled by the card
    issuer. One of the unique benefits of using PayPal is that we help you
    fight unwarranted chargebacks and attempt to recover your funds.

    The chargeback states that the buyer's card was used to make a purchase
    without their knowledge.

    It is up to the card issuer to decide whether or not they believe that
    the buyer's chargeback is valid and they are asking for some information
    about this transaction from you.

    i cannot believe her!!!!!!!!!! what am i going to do?!?!?! does that mean i'm out of the $$$? she said someone used her card without her knowledge?! but i have proof of all the messages we exchanged and that the item was sent and signed by her!!!!!
  11. If I were you I would contact the Police and let them know you are being scammed. Even if they aren't willing to help you, you should let this buyer/ scammer know that you have contacted the Police and that you are onto her. Let her know that FIRST she said she received an empty box (please print out any proof of this and keep it, and SECOND she is claiming that her CC was used without her knowledge.. which is it?? Is there anyway for you to know which CC she used so you can warn them of what's happening? If I were you I would actively let her know everything you are doing to stop her scam, maybe this will scare her away. DON'T TAKE ANYTHING LYING DOWN. Get the name of a Police Officer and let them know you are being assisted.
    Good luck!!
  12. Did you tell Paypal this? I cannot believe the lenghts that scammers will go to to rip people off!
  13. unfortunately she is abroad so there is not much the police can do.......paypal knows that she's making 2 different claims but i have no idea how they fight the chargebacks....i just submitted a response. now i can only pray that this gets resolved in my favor. they said it could take up to 75 days....
  14. Keep on Paypal. Paypal is the only party here who has her CC info. I would like to think that if Paypal has knowledge that someone is trying to scam their CC company (so obviously) that they would contact the CC to let them know. Remember- Paypal doesn't like chargebacks.. I believe it hurts them too. If I were you I would keep putting the heat on Paypal so they don't forget about it. Call them every couple hours.. talk to managers.. DON'T ACCEPT THEIR "STOCK ANSWERS!"
  15. Thankyou for the heads up on this person....hopefully it will all work out....
    keep us posted!
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