I Ate This! Post pictures of food!

  1. ^Yumm!
  2. Fresh fruit salad
  3. I'm in fruit heaven! :p Fruit has been my number one craving lol!
  4. Yum!!
  5. Had Persian cuisine for lunch for today. Kebab platter was yummy :smile:

  6. ^Looks good..
  7. ^LOVE going out for breakfast!

    ^thank you so much for writing this out for me! I'm definitely going to try it.
  8. ^cute! PB cookies are some of my favorites.

    ^what a gorgeous fruit salad!

    ^looks like a great meal!
  9. Foie-gras Japanese don. A fusion of French and Japanese cooking. Super delicious!


  10. Oishi!!
  11. After a brief period of pregnancy rage the other day :amuse:, DH came home with groceries and made me some beef stew...
  12. I made and ate marshmallows.

  13. I turned them into s'mores!

  14. ^ Looks good!

    The quality of the picture is amazing